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Kauai is always good for a wholesome meal and they have recently introduced a new selection of dishes that are perfect for winter. The new menu was inspired by plant-based goodness and Middle Eastern flavours, with plenty of tummy-warmers.

On the breakfast side you can look forward to their Egg Hot Pot with a poached egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, kale, pesto, feta and parmesan. A personal favourite is their new Pesto Mushroom Toast, a simple and light lunch option with mushrooms, pesto, tomatoes, feta and cream cheese on a slice of toast. I also really enjoyed their Pesto Mushroom Breakfast Wrap, with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, spinach and cream cheese.

For lunch and dinner I am especially excited about their Warm Bowls. The Winter Nourish is packed with root vegetables, lentils, roast cauliflower, spiced butternut, kale, pesto and seeds. They also have a new Eastern Spice option with chicken, pickles, and seeds on a bed of brown rice and quinoa. Or try the Butta Chicken showcasing a chicken and butternut curry.

On the lighter side you can also try the new Plant Power Salad, a powerhouse of superfoods including lentils, avo, cashews, and seeds with a vegan butter dressing.

What gets me excited is that most of the new options are friendly to vegetarians (just be wary of the Parmesan in the dishes). And if you didn’t know, you can make all the Kauai dishes vegetarian by replacing chicken or steak for mushrooms. Or just remove the chicken (you’ll save R24!). I love that!

And as a side note, I noticed that Kauai is trying to steer customers away from single-use plastics, educating them about the damage caused by straws and cups. So thumbs up there as well.

Everything I tasted was really good, so it’s worth popping in next time you’re looking for a plant-packed lunch.

Have you tried any of the new menu options? Any favourites? I’d love to know what you think.


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