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It can be very difficult to articulate the power of fashion and unique style in words, but luckily there are iconic people in the industry that have summed it up pretty well. In an office with uniquely weird people, even ones that aren’t as into trends as the majority of people in Stellenbosch, what you wear that day sparks up a lot of conversation in the 9Lives office. Gianni Versace says it like it is:

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

People that know me will tell you that “trend” isn’t a word that is in my vocabulary at all. You won’t find chokers, crop tops and Adidas sneakers in my closet. But what you will find is A LOT of blazers, vintage items and a variety of clothes that belong to my mom and gran that I borrowed, never to return.

And now you are thinking “Okay wannabe-Carrie Bradshaw, everything sounds great and all, but how do you keep your unique style in an office?”

Don’t you worry, you will be a Carrie Bradshaw yourself very soon.

To help you out, here are one of my unique outfits that I wore to the office this week:

Here are my tips to holding your own in your day-to-day work life:

  • Make it your own. No one in our office understands my obsession with shoulder pads, but I’m madly in love with them and no one can pull off that unique style piece quite  like me.
  • Having basic clothing items in your closet helps a lot. The simple, but effective black jean is the most crucial item in my closet. One day I’ll pair it with an old button up shirt that I bought at a Hospice shop, and the next day I’ll pair it with shoes that I got from my mom. And with only one piece, I can make a basic black jean unique.  
  • Dress in clothes that fit your body. I’m big on self love, but I know I’m going to look terrible in certain types of clothes. It is important to know what fits your body type and to dress accordingly You will feel more beautiful if you know that the right parts, rather than the wrong parts, of your body are showcased. While I am on the topic of body types, we should also remember that you are at work and you want to be taken seriously and that is not going to happen with your granny panties sticking out of your jeans, right?

Wear those yellow pants that you’ve been dying to, but aren’t sure how to pull off, grab a hat when you feel like it and buy yourself some shoulder pad blazers. You won’t believe how you can conquer your office when you have a unique style, because let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for the shoulder pads, I wouldn’t be writing this right now!

Please share your unique outfits with me in the comments below!


The VaaIie girl with a laugh better than the joke itself. If you’ve lost me in the crowd, look for the red hat. Or the shoulder pads. Or the floral-patterned blazer. I’ve got a winner of a party trick, just give me a shot of tequila and a raw egg, and if you’re not sure how to start the conversation, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

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