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I got a call from my brother this morning. He attended Ed Sheeran’s concert in Johannesburg over the weekend and his first words to me were; “This should have been a Kirstenbosch concert”.

We recently spent our Sunday afternoon listening to the Spoegwolf and Jan Blohm event at the gardens, and were once again amazed at the setting, the quality of the sound (even amid load shedding), the vibe and the especially the organisation of the events. And even though their season is coming to a close, we cannot wait to see what they have in store for their 2019\2020 line-up.

We’ve made a list of some of our favourite aspects of this concert series so that you can start saving up for the new season throughout the winter.

We mentioned the amazing sound quality, right?

I’m someone that’s a bit sensitive to sounds. I really struggle to hear what people say if there is any kind of background noise and often at these bigger events I have trouble hearing the music as clearly as I would like. Kirstenbosch’s venue is really uniquely equipped to give you crisp, clear sound to enjoy your favourite artist.

You can bring schnacks!

I am a self-proclaimed snack queen. I flipping love snacks – from cheese to nuts, dips, and wine to top it off! Packing the picnic basket has become a ritual for us; I know to pack something spicy for my brother and something sweet for my sister-in-law. You have to arrive quite early at the venue to get good seats, but it’s okay because you can snack until the show starts and then enjoy the music.

They don’t oversell

I’ve never been to Kirstenbosch for a Summer Concert where I’ve felt claustrophobic or felt that I couldn’t see the stage because there were too many attendees. We’ve always had a great picnic space and people could move about, greeting friends and family. The whole arena slants towards the stage, so I’ve never had trouble seeing the artists, even when everyone is standing up – and I’m quite short!

Something for everyone

This 2018\2019 season included a variety of talent to fit everyone’s taste. From Mango Groove to Boney M., Lira, Mafikizolo, The Parlotones, Fokofpolisiekar and Goodluck – to name just a few – young and old will have a favourite to look forward to. Tickets this year went for from R190 which is not a lot to pay for these artists, making it quite an affordable option as well.

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