Fashion is often considered a shallow business, with mass market brands set out to convince people that they simply MUST have this or that whatnot in order to live their best life. But the industry also has incredible designers, manufacturers and individuals who are using fashion to create jobs, stimulate creativity, save our environment and change lives for the better. If you choose wisely your wardrobe can actually help make the world a better place.

I recently got a press release on Lalela scarves in my inbox and I instantly stopped what I was doing (let’s be honest, I was scrolling through Twitter) because what I saw was not only striking, but came with a passionate heart.

Lalela scarves are made of different, quality fabrics like cotton, silk, cashmere and wool blends, and the proceeds go towards helping at risk youths in South Africa through the Lalela community project.

Lalela is an after-school program that aims to empower children through art, igniting creativity, teaching them important life skills and providing a safe space. The program uses ideas, art and music to spark creative and solution-driven thinking, with the hope that these children can become entrepreneurs and leaders within their communities.

Apart from supporting a good cause, the Lalela scarves are also seriously gorgeous. They’re pretty pricey but keep in mind that your money is really making a difference. I think it will brighten up every wardrobe.

You can buy them online at , at Singita Game Reserve or at Nap Living stores.





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