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With a glass of Lozärn Wines Carménère in my hand, recommended by the man himself, my night in the warm and cosy Lapos Kitchen began.

From the first moment it felt like a Sunday lunch at my gran’s house.

There was a long table set where all the guests scooted in for a meal that my very own Dutch gran would have enjoyed as well!

With the fire roaring in the background, chef Lapos started to dish up the first of a six course meal that made for a beautiful social dining experience! While we waited in anticipation, the  winemaker of Lozärn Wines, Salóme Buys-Vermeulen , filled our glasses with the soft Chardonnay 2018 that complimented the first dish perfectly.

As the aromas of the second dish filled the room, Lapos told us more about the Tomato Risotto that was put before me.

One thing that stood out was how passionately he spoke about using local ingredients and vegetables for his dishes. The tomatoes that were used for this risotto were grown on the Lozärn Wines farm, and as that great gesture sunk in, my glass was filled with a crisp Carménère Rosé 2017. This is one of the moments that I will remember for a long time after the aormas have faded, because this Lozärn Carménère Rosé 2017 is the first of its kind in South Africa.

A big steel pot was brought out and as Lapos stirred, butternut flavours filled the room! Sunday lunch at Gran’s home just got better! Next up was a butternut soup with some potatoes for texture, accompanied by some beetroot powder and a cold goat cheese fondue. This was most definitely my favourite dish of all. With a glass of Shiraz 2016 nearby, I feasted on this homey soup.

The social dining experience continued

Next up we indulged in a beautifully cooked pork belly infused with rosemary, sage and some olive oil, served with roasted potatoes on the side. The pork belly was complemented by the lost child of wine, Carménère 2017. Why the lost child? This wine gets mistaken for a merlot quite often. But the lost child was found at Lapos Kitchen, and the soft but spicey taste is one that will be remembered for a long time.

The evening ended with a classic florentine flatbread

The flatbread was made of sunflower oil, sugar, a little bit of olive oil and yeast, served with an espresso reduction and white choc sauce. The last dish was accompanied with a glass of Kay’s Legacy 2016.

Sunday lunch at Gran’s was coming to an end, but as we drove away I could still taste all the flavours that I had experienced at Lapos Kitchen. A social dining experience it was indeed, and I will always remember the feeling of home when I think of Lapos Kitchen and Lozärn Wines!


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