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The only two things keeping me sane during lockdown are TikTok videos and Schalk Bezuidenhout IGTVs.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Schalk’s lockdown shenanigans you are missing out on some lekker laughs. His daily lockdown updates are a blessing in our time of need. Even before the lockdown, Schalk provided us with some Corona amusement when he said what everyone was thinking; we look ridiculous using our elbows to greet each other.


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I think most of us who have been watching his Corona-related content can attest that our wine cupboards are empty and that even our wine from 19-voetsek has been opened since boarding the Kwarentynwyntrein.

I’m also pretty sure that I’m not the only one who started binge-watching Tiger King after Schalk posted about it. His description of Joe Exotic as “Nicholis Louw on his matriekvakansie” could not have been more accurate, and if we’re being honest that is what really sold the show to us.

Since day one of lockdown, Schalk has been keeping us sane with daily update videos to not only help us keep track of what day of lockdown we’re on, but also to discuss a variety of topics ranging from trimming his snor to smelling old cheese, all of which are guaranteed to make you chuckle. In between all of this he even posts a fair share of wholesome content featuring his mother’s beautiful garden and his father eating the kind of breakfast that is guaranteed to make us visit Wimpy as soon as this lockdown is over.


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And as if all of this isn’t enough to help us all through lockdown, Schalk started hosting a live show called Lockdown Laughs to give us something else to watch other than Tiger King, and let me tell you, it’s great! The first show escalated almost just as quickly as the Coronavirus with Schalk ending up shirtless and singing his rendition of “Lenie Blou” titled “Lenie Blowjob”.

If you’re keen to have a lekker laugh then make sure you watch his third installment of Lockdown Laughs: The Best Of! this Friday, 10 April at 20:15. You can buy a ticket here for ONLY R50!


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