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You can join Lesley Pearse in Cape Town on Wednesday 17 May to chat about her latest novels, Dead to Me and The Woman in the Wood. 

Lesley Pearse is one of the UK’s best-loved novelists, with 10 million copies of her books sold to date. She captures readers with gripping story lines that pull you in from beginning to end, and characters that climb into your heart.

The event promises to be a fascinating one, allowing you to join a lively conversation about Lesley’s new releases, and you can learn more about this popular author and the motivation behind her books.

Lesley’s own past continues to influence her stories. She was three when her mother died, and at the time her father – a member of the Royal Marines – was away at sea. It was only when a neighbour saw Lesley and her brother playing outside without their coats on that suspicion was aroused.

Since their father was part of the Marines, Lesley and her older brother spent three years in grim orphanages. Her father eventually remarried, to a dragon of an ex-army nurse. Lesley and her brother were brought home again, joined by two other children who were later adopted by their father and stepmother. These were followed by a continuing stream of foster children.

The impact of constant change and uncertainty in Lesley’s early years is reflected in one of the recurring themes in her books: what happens to those who are emotionally damaged as children. Lesley reflects the pain and unhappiness of her early experiences through skillful storytelling. Her most recent novels include Dead to Me, Without a Trace, Survivor, Forgive Me and The Promise.

You can read an extract from Dead to Me HERE.

Lesley will be hosting an intimate conversation at Exclusive Books in Cavendish Square. Get the details below:


Date & Time: Wednesday 17 May, 18:00 for 18:30

Venue: Exclusive Books, Cavendish Square

Cost: FREE, but booking is essential. Book at or 0216743030


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