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No wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of jeans, and finding that ideal fit is such a personal process. For me it’s not about trending styles but rather choosing a cut and shade that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. One that you can just “throw on” to go grocery shopping, or style up with a pair of heels and a blazer. I believe the jeans you choose should say something about you.

I recently attended the launch of the new Levi’s 501 Skinny and I was pretty curious to see how the brand re-imagined their iconic denim. The Levi’s 501 has been around for 140 years, first developed as durable workwear and later adopted by everyone from rockstars to athletes and even presidents. It’s an icon like Stan Smiths, Chuck Taylors, or Doc Martins.

According to Levi’s head of Design, Jonathan Cheung, the new style was inspired by the way people were already wearing their 501. “People have been altering their vintage 501 jeans for a snug, skinnier fit for years, so we followed that as inspiration and created a vintage-looking 501 Skinny.” The 501 Skinny is available in non-stretch or low stretch and in a variety of washes for men and women, still sporting the original button-up fly.

Since denims are such a crucial staple in one’s wardrobe, I wanted to give you my honest I opinion before you head to the shops.

I’d say the style is somewhere between a skinny and a mom-jean, giving you tighter fit than the latter, but not as snug as a skinny jean. What threw me was the harder denim fabric, which doesn’t stretch like a skinny jean would, making it a bit harder to pull the jeans on, and limits movement. The jean does give a little through the day, though, and by the afternoon it was a pretty comfortable fit. Currently I’m having fun styling it up, but it took me a while to wrap my head around this new style and I don’t think it’s going to be the right (um) fit for everyone.  At the same time I think it’s going to become a favourite for others.

Personally I enjoy styling it up with some other classics like a beautiful T-shirt and some white sneakers.

How would you wear it?

Levis 501 Skinny Fashion Look 9Lives 5

Levis 501 Skinny Fashion Look 9Lives 4

Levis 501 Skinny Fashion Look 9Lives 3

Levi's 501 Fashion Look 9Lives

Levi’s 501 Skinny, from R1199. T-Shirt R250, Cotton On. Adidas Superstar sneakers R999,

PS: Did you know you can have your Levi’s shortened at the shop? I know the V&A store offers this service, so go check it out.


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  1. Janet Perry Reply

    Wow didn’t know you could have your Levi jeans shortened at the shop, great service however not one I ever need, I’m on the tall side!!! I like this look 🙂

    • Malherbe Liezel Reply

      Thanks so much Janet! Yeah I hear you, my jeans tend to be too short, not too long, but it is quite cool if you want to do cut-offs or frayed styles.

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