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As we closing in on the end of the year, we are heading into that manic last stretch; the frantic push to complete to-do lists and meet deadlines before the world shuts down for summer holidays. So chances are that between now and then you’re going to need some serious R&R.

A spa day remains a proper treat, even if you just need someone to pluck your eyebrows while you get some shuteye. Or perhaps you’re prepping for wedding season and want to spoil yourself and your bridesmaids. Either way, here’s a good scoop:

A little while ago I discovered Experience Days ZA, which puts together these packages so that you can pretty much just show up and be spoiled. I opted for a pamper option but they have a whole variety of cool stuff to do, from horseback riding to eco-camping trips, foodie tours and skydiving.

I booked for a Pure Bliss Day package at the Life Day Spa Waterfront, which costs R1 550 and includes a Swedish full body massage, Optiphi Facial, and a luxury hot stone manicure and pedicure. Seriously good value!

I had been curious to visit Life Day Spa since they opened last year so I was excited to see it as one of the options on the Experience Days site. Life Day Spa has a prime location at the V&A Waterfront making it ideal for a quick Friday escape.

The venue itself is beautiful, with an airy atmosphere and sleek finishes. After your treatment you can spend an entire day lounging around. Have a dip in the pool, chill out on their deck and grab some lunch. You also have the option to pay a little extra and try their floatation pool – it is said that one session is like getting 4 hours of undisturbed sleep. Yes please.

After swapping my clothes and shoes for a thick, comfy robe and slippers, I was led through to a treatment room. These have been kitted with various light settings – blue, green, red or purple – each working to either relax, stimulate or energise you while your treatment is underway.

Once I chose my preferred ambiance, I could lie down on their seriously comfortable spa bed (big thumbs up here) and let the therapist work her magic. Both the massage and the facial were wonderful, with a gorgeous selection of products and great technique.

The only negative for me was the fact that you can hear slight noise from the hallway and relaxation area, so it can be distracting if other guests are chatting away while you’re in the middle of a treatment. Then again, it is basic spa etiquette to respect other guests and keep your voice down in these spaces, so don’t be that guy, guy.

Seriously though, the treatment was just what I needed to unwind. Afterwards I moved through to the front section for a stunning manicure and pedicure, where my therapist worked to get my nails up to shape and my feet prepped for sandal season. Aside from a divine massage, I was super impressed by the paint job, which was perfectly neat (I’m a perfectionist so that says a lot) and lasted me more than a week.

Overall I can definitely recommend a session at Life Day Spa Waterfront. Experience Days ZA has a large selection of Pamper Packages in Cape Town and Johannesburg, which you can check out here.


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