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Are you 100% THAT bitch? Cuz Lizzo sure as hell is. She is the powerful force of nature that has taken the music scene by storm. Hand-picked by Apple Music’s global editorial team for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Lizzo has made a name for herself in the industry. Not only is she loved for the music she makes, but also for what she represents. She’s confident, funny, bawdy and vulnerable all at the same time, making her the ultimate package.

Lizzo’s music has taught me a lot about confidence, self-love and just being a boss bitch. So, here’s a list of life lessons inspired by Lizzo’s music.

Lizzo Life Lesson 1: You are 100% THAT bitch and you will not be held back by any man.

I discovered Lizzo while watching the Netflix romantic comedy Someone Great. Her song, “Truth Hurts”, soundtracks one of the most relatable post-breakup dance sequences starring Gina Rodriguez and DeWanda Wise. The lyrics “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch” should be everyone’s motto in 2020.

Lizzo Life Lesson 2: I might be a thick bitch but my ass is still not an accessory.

Lizzo strutting her stuff in a diner parking lot wearing a sequin-clad two-piece with a blue coat and a red cowboy hat is EVERYTHING. Her music video for “Tempo” features low-riders dropping to the beat, lots of twerking, and Missy Elliot emerging from the hood of a car – it’s a vibe. The entire music video screams body positivity and I 👏 am 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it. Everything about the song and video will make you want to turn the volume up and say, “Prrr me a glass, boy” while watching this video over and over again.

Lizzo Life Lesson 3: If he doesn’t love you anymore, let him walk out the door.

“Good as Hell” is another great track to listen to if you are tired of men’s bullshit and want to “boss up and change your life”. I couldn’t help but play it throughout my entire holiday. I was tossing my hair and checking my nails every day, while eating a bag of Cheetos and reminding myself that it is time to focus on me.

Lizzo Life Lesson 4: We don’t stay with boys, we only play with boys.

“Boys” is a catchy song that is endlessly replayable. The lyrics center on pleasure and details the varieties of boys to freak with. Lizzo reminds us that we aren’t committal bitches with the lyrics: “baby, I don’t need you/I just wanna freak you.” She teaches us to own our sexual freedom with the queen energy that is “Boys”.

Lizzo Life Lesson 5: You aren’t a snack, you’re the whole damn meal.

The music video for “Juice” is hilarious! It references an array of throwback pop-culture trends, including 1970s commercials, 1980s fitness videos, 1990s As-Seen-On-TV Infomercials, 2000s Late Night Talk Shows, and 2010s ASMR Videos. The song is all about self-love and will have you feeling confident and optimistic about everything you do.

Are you a fan of Lizzo? Let me know what life lessons she’s taught you and some of your favourite Lizzo tracks.

Featured image photographed by Andy Witchger, distributed under the CC BY 2.0 license.

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