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I’m not a big makeup person. While I’m in awe of the beauty gurus who can transform their visage with crazy contouring tricks, perfectly shaped brows and amplified lips, I prefer sheer foundation and toned-down tweaks that accentuate my features. On most days I will roll with defined brows, a slick of mascara and a touch of soft pink blush.

Of course there are days when I feel like amping things up a bit, and that’s when I’ll reach for a bold lippie. Effortless glam.

During spring/summer I can easily get away with soft pink balms, sometimes trading these for a bright fuchsia or fire truck red. As soon as autumn rolls around, however, I just adore rich berry tones, red wine reds and vampy cherry shades. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the blood drains from my face when the temperatures drop below 20°C, or maybe my inner vampire emerges when the clouds cover the sun, but I rely heavily on bold lipsticks to take me through the big chill until we reach the sunny side of the year again.

I’ve rounded up a couple of favourites for you to try out, ranging from the more softer berry-smoothie shades to an ultra daring mulberry colour I’m completely obsessed with.

Take a look

Berry nice

If you’re normally a fan of pink and blush lipsticks, you might want to move over to the berry tones for winter. I love lighter shades or balms for an afternoon out, and deeper colours for a daring evening look.

Tip: Be careful of berry shades that are too cool; it might look like you’ve lost circulation in your face. Opt for shades that pick up on your natural undertones.

Berry Lipstick Liezel Malherbe 9Lives 2

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Seeing red

That fiery red might have been a knock-out for the bright summer days, but now that we’re moving into chilly weather I prefer something slightly cooler – think red wine, plums, raspberries and cherries.

Personally I love a deep, dark cherry shade for the winter months. It is so dramatic yet classy, and it is the perfect complement to a beautiful coat and scarf.

Berry Lipstick Liezel Malherbe 9Lives

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What is your favourite shade of lipstick for the autumn/winter season? Share your recommendations in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.


I am a lifestyle blogger from Cape Town trying to find the best ways to spend my time, take care of my body and express myself. I am slightly obsessed with fragrances, sneakers, Jamie Oliver and Masterchef Australia. Oh, and I probably drink way too much wine.


  1. I love these! But wondering if they’d suit me, as you have more of an olive complexion and I’m paler and pinker. Do you know of a cheaper dupe for Urban Decay Vice Cream lipstick in Rapture? It looks so wearable.

    • Malherbe Liezel Reply

      Mmm, I think these colours will definitely suit lighter skins too. I have a fair-skin friend and she looks great with plum and red-wine shades – very cool and vampy. The Urban Decay Vice is really gorgeous – great pigment, lasts well and feels lovely. If you need a dupe, you can try L’Oreal Color Riche (they have lovely berry shades), or give Essence / Catrice a go for some really affordable goodies.

  2. Arlene Beukes Reply

    Oh my, Liezel! You make it so difficult to pick between berry and red. Both colors are EXQUISITE…I think it’s the model who makes both hues so beautiful! Especially Urban Decay Rapture looks fabulous on you!

    • Malherbe Liezel Reply

      Thanks Arlene. I think the Lancome is my favourite, but the Urban Decay is really lovely for everyday-wear.

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