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LISOF, the African fashion design and retail academy, has joined forces with Edgars on an exciting venture that sees last season’s denim transformed into a fresh fashion line. The selection of once-off pieces from the Reengineered Denim Project will go on sale in September at the Edgars flagship store in Menlyn. Hopefully this will be the start of a continued venture for the retailer that heroes slow, sustainable fashion.

The Reengineered Denim project launched in February this year where second-year design students at LISOF where tasked to upcycle denim clothes into new designer garments. Upcycling is an international trend aimed at decreasing wastage and supporting sustainable lifestyle practices. In the fashion industry, upcycling is being used to transform old stock into reengineered garments with a ‘slow-fashion’ appeal.

The final pieces were shown to the media, fashion buyers and consumers at a fashion show on 16 August. The reengineered garments ranged from minimalistic menswear to bohemian style womenswear and featured elements that showcased attention to detail, a sense of fun and, of course, sustainability.

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“Given the versatility of denim as a fabric, we wanted garments that would stand the test of time and taste,” said Sunil Jain, General Manager at Edgars. LISOF CEO, Shana Rosenthal says that the Reengineered Denim project wants to place the sustainability of fashion in the limelight. “LISOF has made it its mission to educate consumers on reengineered fashion. Just because you bought a jacket or pair of pants last year it doesn’t mean you cannot wear it this year. We are hoping that our students’ skill and ingenuity will inspire consumers across the board to look at clothes differently and embrace upcycling as a valid and desired fashion option.”

The #engineereddenim products will be available at Edgars in Menlyn for the public to purchase at the beginning of September 2017.


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