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I am so happy to finally share “Living with yourself”: Episode 2 with you. If you missed the first episode, watch it here

I have always been afraid of colour when it comes to painting a room, I usually stick to white and MAYBE I’ll throw in an accent wall for a pop of colour. There are also an overwhelming array of colours to choose from which makes the process even more daunting. There are however some things you can take into consideration, which might make the choice a bit easier.


When deciding on a colour, you have to take into account the size of the space. If it is small you should consider using a lighter colour, which will make the space feel larger. If it is a large space you can go with a darker colour, which will make the room feel a bit smaller and perhaps more cozy.


The function of the space will determine the amount of time you spend in it, as well as the feeling or “vibe” you are aiming for. If you want to feel energised, bright colours are the way to go. If you want to feel relaxed, pastelles would be best and if you want to create a space that feels more intimate a warm pallet would be a good choice.


The amount and colour of light a space get is also something to take into consideration when choosing colour. If, for instance, you have a small space that gets plenty of natural light, you can balance it out with a darker colour scheme. If you have a larger space that doesn’t get much light and feels a bit stuffy, opting for a lighter colour would be a good idea. If you have warm lighting, cool colours will balance it out. On the other hand if a space has cool lighting, a warmer palette would create a good balance.

These are just some examples to get you started and you are allowed to break the rules. Have fun and play around with what you like.

My space is small, but it gets a good amount of light throughout the day. It is a bedroom, living room and kitchen all in one, so basically I have to be relaxed, energised, awake and asleep. It is quite a doozy. So to get me started I decided to create a mood board and test the colours out. 

Watch Living with yourself: Episode 2 here!


I’m a quirky, go-with-the-flow kind of girl, as long as I know where the flow is going. And I like coffee. Actually no, I LOVE coffee! I love that it represents what I’m all about - visits with friends and DMCs on the porch, the last bit of “kuier” at a braai, snuggling in bed with a good book, and late nights with endless assignments. So, if I ever invite you over for a brew, just know that it means the world to me.

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