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The one thing that most of the 9Lives writers have in common is that we all enjoy a sneaky online shopping adventure. Everyone knows I have no self control when it comes to online shopping and sales, but I knew there had to be a few others who also couldn’t withstand the influx of Instagram ads during lockdown/quarantine. 

With “shopping local” and “supporting small businesses” being a big movement at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to give all our readers some local shopping inspo.

As much as I want this to be 100% about the businesses, this is also my attempt  to make myself feel better about my shopping tendencies. I mean this is me, helping you, help small businesses? 

So here are a few of our Local products that we shopped, and hopefully you’ll want them just as badly as we did.



swiitchbeauty was introduced to me by my brother’s girlfriend, who is also my biggest hype man when it comes to online shopping. 

I love the whole vibe around swiitch, from their packaging to their marketing. Their product descriptions are quirky, their make-up is cruelty free, they cater for all skin shades and they are suuuper affordable.

I am by no means a make-up artist, and my every-day look is usually just a BB-cream and maybe a little bronzer. I also find it very hard to splurge on make-up. But swiitch proves that make-up can be affordable, durable and reliable and easy to apply. I mean, I have brows for the first time!

My favorite products? (which are also the perfect travel size):
#BubbleBlush – mousse cheek tint and the #BeachBrow – brow mousse that fills, fluffs & sets

Saint and Summer:

This is the second pair of shoes that I’ve bought from them and they are honestly my go-to shoes on days out. Their shoes are very chic and a perfect add-on to any outfit. They have lots of different styles and it took me about two days to fully commit to my final pair. Both of my shoes are super comfy and are amazing quality. These shoes have been to places that were definitely only meant for my “kuier skoene”.


shop local and support small businesses. Zemp

ZEMP was one of those Instagram ads that popped up on my feed one day with a big “60% OFF” banner flashing into my soul. My phone had been listening and it knows my weaknesses. 

The day before I told myself I need to throw away handbags, especially all the leather ones I’ve collected over time. But I’m a sucker for a good sale. 

I bought sunglasses and a small crossbody bag, and I adore it. The sunglasses have fully polarised lenses that are CE certified, 100% UVA/UVB-protective and the bag is the perfect size for a day out where you only need to carry the bare necessities with you.

The quality is amazing and all their products are organic, eco-friendly and sustainable, responsibly sourced, and they send the packages in compostable courier satchels. How could  I not “add to cart”?



Nifty250 local small business

I have become painfully aware of how grounded I am. Not in the sense of having my life figured out – definitely not – rather in the sense of not travelling, not going anywhere, not seeing anything. My saving grace is the several different travel groups on Facebook where people share some of their travels. I soon realised that I have all the pictures from my travels saved to my Lightroom cloud, inaccessible to anyone but me.

Nifty250’s ad popped onto my Facebook feed with a cool May promo code. Their name was familiar to me because I pass them on my way to work every day in Stellenbosch, but I had no idea what they were all about. So, I headed to their site and saw that they printed your photos in various different formats.

Because it is lockdown, I had loads of time to organise, edit and name a couple of photos. I opted for the magnetic Instamatics and my project arrived within a couple of days. It is of really good quality and looks beautiful! They have regular promo codes, so sign up for their newsletter to receive it first.


Bare threads:


I’m all about supporting local, whether it’s for gifts, skincare, clothing or simply just spoiling myself. And this lockdown period presented many opportunities for the latter. I’ve been casually searching for golden hoop earrings for a while now, but this mostly consists of just scrolling through the many local designers I follow on Instagram, falling in love with their products every single time, without actually getting past the “check out cart” step. 

That’s until I stumbled upon Bare Threads. I saw the perfect medium-sized, chunky, gold-plated hoops on their Instagram feed and instantly went to check out the price on their website. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. It was too good of a deal to not see the purchase through to the end! Only three days later my “pretties” arrived and I’m in love! It came in the most adorable little bag, and the hand-written note really added that personal touch. They also sell other accessories like hair pieces and bags, all at an affordable price. Now more than ever, I’m super keen to keep on supporting these amazing entrepreneurs in our country. 


Yellow by Jeslea

Yellow jewellery local small business

Yellow by Jeslea has been one of my favourite local brands for a few years now. She makes the most beautiful jewellery pieces. They’re both minimalistic, but artsy, which I love.

I first learned about the brand on Instagram (@yellowbyjeslea), where they share the most beautiful content. So, when I saw that Yellow was having a lockdown sale, I had to buy something that very evening. I have a serious shopping addiction, which I’ve been trying to control – not being able to go to the shops and all, but I just couldn’t resist. 

When I logged onto the website, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I wanted everything, but knew I could only choose one. So, I decided on the Sunray necklace, because it’s so different from all my others. It’s a mixed metals piece, and so delicate and precious. I love how the sun part of it is made from bronze, contrasting with the sterling silver chain, making it perfect to match any outfit. 

Having placed my order during the lockdown period when e-commerce wasn’t trading, Jeslea was great with keeping customers updated with the status of their orders, and I received my package as soon as everything was up and running.

I cannot wait to go out and catch actual sunrays again, and finally show off my new Yellow piece!

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