Your Low-Calorie Drinking Guide
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There’s nothing worse than being invited out when you’re on a diet. Personally, having to say no to a beer or cocktail is just as bad as giving up a pizza for a salad.

As these nights are relatively inevitable when you have some form of a social life, the key to surviving is finding a balance. So instead of downing five cocktails and a beer, try a drink with less calories, which is still yum and will still get you buzzing.

These are some of the options you can order on your next night out:

Vodka and soda water with lime

This may sound like your worst nightmare if you like sweet drinks, but it’s surprisingly good. The first few sips is a bitter experience, but adding a bit of lemon or lime does wonders.

Vodka and soda combinations have around only 100 calories per drink (280ml), which is great when compared to a gin and tonic, which has about 180 calories for the same amount.


Finding out that champagne is an acceptable low-calorie option must be the greatest news ever! This is one of the carbonated drinks with the least calories. Champagne also reaches your bloodstream quicker than other drinks, so you will probably be consuming less overall.

Life is too short to not have champagne, and at only 89 calories per glass of brut, I don’t need any more convincing.

Red wine

If you love red wine as much as I do, you’ll be happy to find that one glass of red wine has around only 122 calories.

Your best option would be a Pinot Noir, which has a high concentration of antioxidants and contains only about 3.4 grams of carbs per glass.

Whiskey and diet coke

If you don’t like having your whiskey on the rocks, try mixing it with diet coke. This will satisfy your craving for a fizzy drink at around 98 calories per serving.

Light beer

Yes, you can still drink beer. A 340ml bottle of Castle Lite consists of only 98 calories, which is still on the lower side compared to other beers. We’ve all heard that beer contains a ridiculous amount of carbs, but when comparing to other drinks, the calorie count is around the same as other drinks per 100ml. Drink the beer!

Vodka with a splash of Cranberry

A shot of Cranberry flavoured vodka, mixed with soda water and a splash of cranberry juice tastes amazing. By only adding a splash of cranberry juice and using flavoured vodka, you can make yourself a very tasty drink with a much lower amount of calories!

Gin and sugar-free tonic

Swopping your normal tonic for a sugar-free one will save you a lot of calories and you probably won’t even notice the difference. It’s surprisingly easy to find sugar-free tonic, you can find 1 litre bottles at Woolworths – Try adding some fresh berries for more flavour.

What are your favourite drinks to enjoy when on a diet? Tell us in the comment section below!


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