If you are in the restaurant, hospitality or catering business, you’ll know how important it is to run your business in an efficient way while aiming for the highest standards. You want to make sure you waste as little time as possible without compromising on quality.

One of the most important aspects is keeping your staff motivated and happy, and providing them with the best means to do their job.

It helps if you can invest in products that will make it easy for your staff to do their jobs well while keeping clients happy, and cutting unnecessary expenses. That’s the promise of Mixer, and Italian range of bar mixes and syrups.

Dirk J. Ullrich, owner of Livissimo, a leading supplier of lifestyle drinks, deals with the hospitality industry on a daily basis and has found that this range can improve the quality and quantity of your service.

“I discovered the brand called Mixer in the on-trade in Italy. Mixer is an Italian family run business exclusively distributed by Bidfood, which specializes in creating fruit purees from 100% real fruit, easy bar mixes, gourmet syrups and exotic mixology syrups. Mixer cuts down on preparation time, there’s no wastage and absolute consistency with every serve. It is products like these that are vital in finding a balance between being efficient while maintaining a standard of quality to rival competitors.”

Getting the most out of your ingredients allows you to waste less, and to save more time. And since these products require no extra skills, you can improve the standard of your service with very little effort.

“The ingredients of the fruit purees are sourced from all over the world, harvested on its ripest time and shipped back to Italy. Here 1 kg of fruit gets bottled into a 1 litre bottle and has three times the yield of its closest competitor.

“These products aren’t limited to beverage applications, chefs are already using it in their kitchens. It can be utilized in ice creams, desserts, basting sauces, smoothies, milkshakes and iced tea,” says Jean-Marié Swart, Mixer’s local ambassador.

Sound interesting? I thought so. You can contact the South African Mixer team by emailing to them on mixer@livissimo.de or jmswart@mixercocktails.co.za. Click through to their website to get your hands on the Mixer catalogue: http://www.mixercocktails.com/mixer-sub-sahara


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