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2019 was the year that I changed forever. 2019 was the year I became a mom to the most incredible little girl, born at 8:40 pm on my birthday.

It was a year that started with a highly pregnant and irritable woman ordering her husband around the house to install shelves and move furniture, while folding and refolding newborn outfits, knowing that no amount of preparation could possibly ready and steady her for the journey ahead.

It was the year that my life turned upside down and topsy turvy and right side up(ish).

Becoming a mom has been the hardest but best thing that ever happened to me. It started with uncontrollable sobs in the shower, and now ends with us going on our first family holiday, taking a little girl who has four teeth, a stubborn will and who loves eating cauliflower.

This year my heart is as big as a carnival balloon about to burst. I’m celebrating growth, becoming, and discovering a side to myself I never knew existed. I’m celebrating small victories, from leaving the house with baba for the first time, to conquering sleep training.

And I’m celebrating my life outside motherhood, finding my focus again and growing my career.

This is a year where I’m walking away incredibly proud.

This year I’m also celebrating the people in my life. From my gynecologist who brought my daughter into this world to all the fellow moms who sent me messages of strength. And the people who showed up. Those who brought food, held baba for 10 minutes so I could shower, saw me at my worst, laughed with me, cried with me, rejoiced with me when we hit a milestone, drank wine with me while talking in whispers. This was the year that I realised how much I need others, how much the tribe matters.

2019 is the year that everything changed, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


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