Moving house is a stressful event and most of us will have had to do it a couple of times throughout our lives. Trust me, I’ve moved a total of four times within a single year. Over time, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to help you make the process much easier.

If you’re moving soon, or in the process of doing so, take a look at some of my top 5 favourite moving tips below:

Pack a Moving Kit

Let’s be real, it always takes much longer to unpack than what we originally plan. Pack at least a week’s worth of clothing, cosmetics and things you’ll need throughout the first week in your new place. You’ll be so happy you did because there is nothing worse than scratching though boxes and boxes trying to find your roll-on.

Packing Clothes

Stop packing your clothes into boxes; it takes up way to much space. Instead, use trash bags to move your clothes. Your whole cupboard will probably be able to fit into one bag. For items on hangers, poke a hole at the bottom of a trash bag, get all your hanging items together, and push the hanger hooks through the hole. Now you can easily transfer and hang your clothes in your new house!

Packing Boxes

When packing your items into boxes, number the boxes instead of writing the name of the room where the items belong. On your phone or a piece of paper, make a note listing the box numbers and the corresponding rooms they belong it. Not only will this make it easier for you to keep track of your boxes, but it is less likely to get stolen.

Take Photos

Take photographs of the content of the boxes you’ve packed and add the photo number to your list. This will make is super easy to find a random item when you can’t remember in which box it has been packed.


Organise your transport way in advance. Do research before deciding on which company to use and ask around as someone is likely to know a very good and inexpensive moving company. Arrange a time that is best suited for you, however, try not to make it too early in the morning in order to give yourself some time to go through everything once more. Don’t make it too late either, or you’ll be stuck moving in the dark and be unable to find anything.

What are your moving tips? Let us know in the comments below.


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