Mumford and Sons recently launched their new album, Delta. Personally, I’m always excited when hearing about a new song of theirs, so when I heard about the bad feedback their new album was receiving, I was quite disappointed.

Needless to say, I decided to give the album a try, before writing it off based on other people’s opinions. This may not be their best album yet, but there’s definitely a few gems that are worth a listen.

These are a few of my favourite songs on the Delta album:


Well I’ve been running from the ashes we left
Forgiveness speaks for itself but how can I forget
When there’s a stain on it all

This song immediately reminded me of the Bon Iver 22, A Million, having a similar type of double-voicing sound. The church piano at the beginning also gives a haunting church-like feeling.
The song builds up in a fun way and is easy to listen to.

Guiding Light

Well I know I had it all on the line
But don’t just sit with folded hands and become blind
‘Cause even when there is no star in sight
You’ll always be my only guiding light

“Guiding Light” has a bit more of the old Mumford and Sons albums feel to it, where acoustic and folkish instruments are paired with deep lyrics sung in Marcus Mumford’s incredible voice. Definitely one of the best tracks on the album so far.


I can’t read your mind though I’m trying all the time
There’s something I don’t know, I can see it in your eyes
As the night descends, it’s always slow again
I am left in awe of the woman I adore, oh

Slow-paced, but fun-feeling, “Woman” makes for a good background track to listen to while working or going on a road trip. With a catchy beat and beautiful words, I can see myself listening to this one for the next few days.

Not completely what you would expect from Mumford and Sons, but worth a listen.


Before you leave
You must know you are beloved
And before you leave
Remember I was with you

Also, a lot more like their previous music mixed with some new electronic sounds, “Beloved”, is an easy-listen. Personally, I won’t become addicted to this song, but I won’t label it as a bad track.

The Wild

We saw birth and death
Can’t we be still
What makes you kind
From where comes your sparkling mind

Featuring an orchestral sound, The Wild is a slow-paced song that is said to be reflection of life and death.

Different from what you are used to, this song is very intriguing

Rose of Sharon

I will surround you
With a love too deep for words
Hold you from the world and its curse
So long as I have breath in my lungs
Long as there’s a song to be sung
I will be yours and you will be mine
Ever our lives entwined
My rose of Sharon
My rose of Sharon

“Rose of Sharon” is a catchy love song that you may even forget is sung by Mumford and Sons. The song is said to be a reference to Song of Songs, a book in the Old Testament, that compares the rose of Sharon to the beauty of a beloved.

All in all, the album is not one of their bests and a tad bit underwhelming, but you may find a few songs that you’ll love between the slightly mediocre others.


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