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Summer is in full swing and there really is nothing like a fresh G&T to cool off on a balmy afternoon. I recently attended a swanky media event by Moroccanoil held in a private villa right at the top of Fresnay in Cape Town (my poor Uber driver had to go into first gear for the last kilometer to reach the summit) where we were treated to the most incredible sweeping views of our pretty city. It was a near-perfect afternoon, with a light breeze and wispy clouds painted across the blue sky, and I practically bee-lined for the Musgrave Gin stand on one corner of the manicured lawn. Yes please, pour me one.

This was the second event I attended where they poured this ridiculously pretty pink gin. Let’s be honest, the only think better than a G&T is a G&T that looks, smells and tastes like a rose garden in a glass. On both occasions they kept things simple, mixing the gin with high quality tonic water (they recommend Fitch & Leeds or Fever Tree)  and pink pepper corns that added a subtle floral spice. The gin itself is quite complex, with notes of Cardamom, African Ginger and Grains of Paradise, and a touch of romance with the addition of Rosehip, making for a fresh, fragrant summer pick-me-up.

Earlier this year I spent an evening with Musgrave founder Simone Falconer (thanks for being my drinking buddy that night!) and when I asked her about her vision for her brand, she said confidently that she was going to take it to the highest of heights, making it the premium gin brand in our country. She’s been holding to that promise. Since then they have landed themselves a some bling at the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirit Awards, with the Musgrave 12 Pink Gin being awarded Gold. (I knew I had good taste). I can definitely see it becoming the go-to at summer parties this season. It was certainly a stunning accompaniment on the afternoon in Fresnay.

Moroccanoil International Hairstylist Steven Turpin had once again made his way to our shores to introduce us to the brand’s new Texture collection, which will deliver those messy beach-ready locks we all dream of. I chat more about the range here. As always it was a treat watching him work – and clown around a bit – while waiters came round with platters of roasted figs and ricotta, Camembert burgers and crystal spring rolls.

Between the couture dresses, luscious locks (so much hair envy!), the city at my feet and pink drink in my hand, I had no desire whatsoever to return to normal life.


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      Hey Jade. It was held in Fresnay. I think it was a private house that they rented out.

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