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The Greatest is the latest single from Sia, and the music video was directed by the artist and Daniel Askill, who also worked on “Chandellier”, “Elastic Heart” and “Big Girls Cry.” They also roped in the young dance sensation Maddie Ziegler and choreographer Ryan Heffington once again to send a powerful message of strength and hope.

While Sia hasn’t given any clear answers as to the meaning of the video, I am pretty certain that it references the Orlando mass shooting from a few months back where a gunman opened fire in a gay night club.

The first few scenes are quite traumatic, with groups of children lying still as corpses, and then it cuts to Maddie spreading the rainbow colours over her cheeks like tears streaming down.

The hashtag #WeAreYourChildren sends a powerful message. Judgement is much harder to pass out when you are looking at people as mere children, as innocents.

But Sia doesn’t leave them as victims. As the video progresses they are resurrected and restored, finding their inner strength and power.

I was certainly moved by it.

Take a look at The Greatest music video below.


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