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The December holidays are officially something of the past, but that doesn’t mean that your long days on the beach should be. We all know that February in the Winelands, especially our beloved Stellenbosch, can become an episode straight from hell. So, with the hottest days of 2019 still ahead of us, I’m definitely planning a trip to the beach every weekend.

Here are a few of my favourite must-have items for when I’m packing for the beach:

A high SPF for your body

I’m not spending as much time in the sun as I used to, which lead to me having a rather fair complexion. So when I do get out, putting on a thick layer of sunscreen is non-negotiable.
I’ve tried several brands of sunscreen in my life. From the cheapie you buy when the budget is tight at month’s end, all the way to the one you desperately borrow from your friend when you’ve forgotten yours. And to be honest, I never thought it mattered which one you actually use, I mean it’s just sunscreen, right? But then Carmen wrote about her favorite sunscreen for summer and it really got me thinking.

Worth a try: Eucerin Photoaging Control Sun Lotion – SPF 50+

R260 for 150ml,

Beach Bag Essentials

Don’t forget about your face

So, my mother has this obsession with skin care. I actually think she would be willing to spend half her salary on products every month. When I was younger I thought it was really annoying that she would buy all of these expensive sunscreens to prevent my freckles from multiplying every time I set foot in the sun. But now I actually get the whole “look after your skin” thing, and I’ve made sure to invest in a good sunscreen for my face.

Worth a try: EAU Thermale Avene SPF 50+ Fragrance Free Cream

R239,95 for 50ml,

Beach Bag Essentials

Stay fresh with a 24 hour deodorant

Overall, I’m not someone who can sit still for longer than an hour at a time. This often means I’m that girl on the beach. Yes, I play beach bats and spend hours in the ocean while other women my age just lie there and work on their tan. Being that active means I can never plan a day at the beach without packing a trusted deodorant to keep me fresh.

Worth a try: Dove Go Fresh 48h in Cucumber & Green Tea

R31,99 for 150ml,

Beach Bag Essentials

Keep your lips moisturised and protected from the sun

I’ve made the mistake before, where I religiously applied sunscreen all over my face and body, but then burnt my lips to blisters. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. After that one time, I never buy a lip balm without at least an SPF 15 to make sure my lips are moisturised and protected from the sun.

Worth a try: Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick

R220 for 3,7g,

Beach Bag Essentials

Hydrate your skin with a refreshing misting spray

Spending hours in the sun can really take its toll on your skin; apart from the occasional sunburn, your skin loses a whole lot of moisture. No, spending hours in the ocean doesn’t mean your skin is now moisturised. In fact, the saltiness of the water makes your skin even dryer. Therefore, taking a misting spray with you to the beach is always a good idea.

Worth a try: Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Spray

R306,95 for 100ml

Beach Bag Essentials

Protect your hair from the sun and ocean with a protein spray

Having thick, curly, long blonde hair usually means one thing: damage! I’ve been struggling with damage-prone hair all my life, and spending hours in the sun and ocean really doesn’t help the situation. Even your hair need protection from UV rays and in this case, a protein spray should become your best friend.

Worth a try: Label M Protein Spray

R297 for 250ml

Beach Bag Essentials

What is your beach bag essentials for the remainder of the summer? Let us know in the comments below!


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