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During the summer season, I am the best version of myself. I flourish on vitamin D, outdoor life and tan lines. Who can relate? I am at my happiest when I can spend my time camping, hiking, swimming, tanning and indulging the African sun. I drink a lot more water; my hair gets lighter, my skin darker and my confidence brighter. I am totally a summer person, and so is my skin!

As the tan lines fade and my hair starts to look yellow again, I can physically feel how my mood drops and my body changes as the rainy days start to creep in. My skin gets very pale, dry and flaky, totally the opposite of what it was a few months ago. This winter season I decided to do something about it.

Time for action!

One night after work, while the local salon therapist was busy painting my nails the “wintery” colour I had requested, I asked her about my dry skin. She explained to me that during winter our skin refreshes and prepares itself for the harsh summer days coming. It is important that we hydrate and exfoliate as much as possible during this time.

She suggested that I start with a good hydrating serum to add that extra moisture my skin tends to lack in winter, especially during the day. I had always just pushed through the dry, flaky stage and waited for summer to arrive again, but this winter I decided to change the situation.

I started using Esthederm’s Intensive Hyaluronic Serum in my morning as well as my evening skin routine before applying my moisturiser. In a weeks time, I could feel the difference. My skin has felt more refreshed and plumped after I’ve washed it, and not as if my skin is too small for my face, which I also learnt is one of the first signs that your skin is dehydrated.

Another result of dehydrated skin is an overproduction of oil. This is your skin’s way of trying to fix the dehydration. I had always thought that I have an oily skin type, but it was actually a survival mode my skin went into. Since I started using the Intensive Hyaluronic Serum the oil production in my skin has stabilised and reduced dramatically, especially during the day.

For the first time in 23 winters, I can genuinely tell that I have a happy winter skin, enjoying the dull, rainy days, just as much as the summer vitamin D.

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