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This year I decided to put some thought into the gifts that I’m wrapping for my loved ones. Instead of buying them a practical gift that they need in their day to day adventures, I want to inspire them to celebrate themselves with my gifts, and to look back at the memories they made that led up to the end of the year. I’m doing Christmas differently this year. This is a gift guide for all the runaways out there, the ones celebrating life and appreciating that fact that a little something extra makes everything worthwhile.

Wanderlust travel book,


We are all observers of this beautiful journey we have on earth. And it’s time that we document it. Don’t just wrap a travel book, wrap the memories and adventures that that special person will experience in the years to come with this Wanderlust Travel Book. With this gift, the runaway at heart can remember what makes them feel alive, and they can travel back to places and people that they loved through the words and memories between the pages.

 I’m a writing-it-down-in-a-notebook kind of person, with a notebook for different kind of things. From work notes to lyric ideas and more. When I scribbled my recent travel story on the last page of my notebook, I realised that I needed a new one immediately, and that is how I came across this genuine leather notebook on the Wanderlust website. This is the perfect gift for anyone  starting 2020 on a clean slate.

9Lives Christmas Gift Guide Travel Book

Anna Christina MCC


The story of a showpiece vineyard captured in a new Méthode Cap Classique is now included in the Sense of Place range launched by Stellenbosch Hills earlier this year. The 2018 Anna Christina MCC is made in limited quantity, which makes it the best gift to celebrate life with.

What better way to appreciate your loved ones and how far they’ve come than with aromas of fresh Granny Smith apples and citrus blossoms. Pop this elegant bottle anywhere, anytime and maybe the moment will be something to write about.

9Lives Christmas Gift Guide Anna Christina MCC

Second hand vinyl record

Starting at R20.00,

There is just something about the mood that a vinyl record sets that keep me going to a Vinyl Café time and again. That crackling sound of a vinyl being played makes me feel calm and happy. I’m a big vinyl collector and I’m very proud of the growing collection that I own; just ask anyone that visits me, I will show off my vinyl records for the whole of Stellenbosch to hear.

This old school, Beautiful Noise vinyl record from Niel Diamond was waiting for me in the corner of the Shed in Somerset West and there is something for all the old school vintage lovers out there.

This is the perfect gift for any music lovers who still enjoy the thrill of picking up a vinyl rather than loading music online.

9Lives Christmas Gift Guide Second Hand Vinyl Records

West Coast Wander Cookbook


I met Georgia East on a recent trip to Robertson a few weeks ago. I was in awe when she passionately spoke about food, especially the West Coast food. One of the few reasons why West Coast Wander, is a must for everyone who enjoys good food and good stories.

In this book Georgia explores the West Coast and the people that call it home, taking readers on a trip from Yzerfontein to Doringbaai with heerboontjies and harders in between. Georgia East highlights the iconic ingredients and transforms them into dishes filled with local flavor.

As I page through the beautiful images and delicious recipes I feel the warmth of nostalgia creep in. This is a gift to put under the tree for someone who will reminisce about this place we call home while celebrating life with good food.

9Lives Christmas Gift Guide West Coast Wander Cook Book


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