I’m not sure under what rock I’ve been hiding, but I’ve only recently discovered the joy of the female Netflix comedy scene, and as if on queue, Netflix has served me up three amazing specials that will have you laughing out loud – super proud of the fact that you, too, are female.

Ellen Degeneres, Relatable

The first and only SFW entry on this list is everyone’s favourite talk show host, Ellen Degeneres. Relateable is her first special in fifteen years and in this show, Ellen reflects introspectively whether she is in fact still relatable. As we all know, she’s made a killing over the years and throughout the entire show she asks outright if her immense wealth has made her unrelatable.

She asks this in a very goofy Ellen-like way and, of course, hilarity ensues. If you are looking for a wholesome, yes wholesome, special for the entire family to enjoy then Ellen is just what you need. The entire special is so typical of her humour that it feels a lot like coming home. She does touch on her coming out journey, which is quite fascinating to listen to as well.

And don’t worry, she does dance!

Hannah Gadsby, Nanette

Want to watch something comedic with a bit of heart? With a bit of substance? Nanette is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, as Hannah Gadsby places herself front and center in the #MeToo discussions. This bittersweet comedy had me in tears – both happy and sad.

Gadsby’s self-deprecating brand of humour has her questioning the very nature of comedy throughout the special. She realises that self-deprecation is not humility, it’s humiliating and her thought journey regarding this is fascinating to follow. She contemplates quitting comedy altogether and the laugh-out-loud moments are balanced by very real, very sincere and very honest talks about coming out and gender in general.

Amy Schumer, Growing

I have to admit that I’ve never really been a fan of Amy Schumer’s movies. This special is different though. It is the first time that I’ve watched one of her standups and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy her humour. Nothing is off-limits and Amy bears it all. While the title ‘Growing’ definitely refers to her pregnancy, it also in the special speaks of an emotional growing – a coming-of-age.

Amy spares no truths about pregnancy, her relationship and the time she got arrested while protesting Brett Kavanaugh. While this does sound like something that will only appeal to women, my fiancee thoroughly enjoyed it as well and actually went on to watch some of her earlier work.

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