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Is it just me or does finding the perfect movie these days take longer than watching the actual movie? In these desperate times I find it’s best to just go for an old-school favourite that I haven’t seen in years. The thing is, where do you start searching for these long-forgotten gems? And that brings us to the real question: Which service is better for watching these classics?

So dim the lights and grab the popcorn while we narrow down the best streaming services that make it possible to enjoy your favourite movies of all time:

Meet your contenders

In South Africa, everyone would agree that our top (paid) streaming services are without a doubt Netflix and Showmax. While Showmax is great for all-things-new, it doesn’t have a lot of options when you are on the lookout for something slightly older. Luckily, when it comes to re-discovering old favourites, there is another site contending for that number one spot.

Prime Video belongs to the US e-commerce giant, Amazon, and has been available in South Africa since December 2016. I was introduced to this service about a year ago, along with Netflix, and they soon became my go-to site for my weekly dose of golden olden movies.

Why these sites are great for older movies

Overall, both Netflix and Prime Video are easy sites to navigate. Suggestions are neatly organized into different genres and categories, and both sites learn your preferences after a while, offering suggestions that suit your taste in movies perfectly.

Netflix has a ‘Because you watched…’ section, where they take your previously watched movies and make new suggestions similar to these movies. This is a great function for re-discovering old movies, because after you’ve watched a movie from a specific era, other movies from the same era will pop-up right on your home page. So if you’re really into 2000’s Rom-coms, just pick one and Netflix will do the rest of the work for you.

Netflix vs Prime Video

Prime Video is a little different. You are already introduced to a few familiar favourites in the first section as soon as you open the site for the first time after signing up. This is the main reason I decided to to subscribe to this service. Picking a movie has never been this easy. As if that isn’t enough, Prime Video has all of our all-time favourite TV-series, like The Office, Parks and Recreation, Seinfeld, That 70’s Show and many more.

Netflix vs Prime Video

Let’s talk about the moola

Both Netflix and Prime Video are well priced and totally worth it. So worth it that I subscribed to both and I have no regrets.

With Netflix having the widest range of genres imaginable, signing up for this service is a no-brainer. You have a free trial-period of 1-month, after which you have three different plans to choose from to suit your personal needs:

  • Basic – R120,99 per month, watch on one screen at a time in Standard Definition and the ability to download videos on one phone or tablet.
  • Standard – R139,00 per month, watch on two screens at a time, with HD available, and the ability to download videos on two phones or tablets.
  • Premium – R169,00 per month, watch on four screens at a time, with HD and Ultra HD available, and the ability to download videos on four phones or tablets.

Prime Video is super cheap and is a great service if you are looking for nothing other than great throwbacks to your favourite movies and TV-shows. They offer a promotional price of only R47,12 per month for your first six months of subscription. After this you pay R85,00 a month, which is still a pretty reasonable price compared to other services.

The commitment

If you have commitment issues, this is one less commitment you need to worry about. Both Netflix and Prime Video subscriptions can be stopped at any time, without any hassle. If you have some serious regrets after a while, it’s easy to get your subscription up and running again.

Our favourite movies to rewatch

Everyone loves a good throwback. Here is our pick of old-time favourites for you to rewatch this month:

Yes, winter is officially over, but that won’t stop me from having a comfy night in enjoying a marathon of my favourite old-school rom-coms. Tell us about your favourite movie classics in the comments below!


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