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I don’t get to spend much time alone. Living with three dudes means that there is always someone around busy hogging the TV remote because there’s yet another important match between Chelsea and who knows who. After a few months of constant guy talk revolving around soccer, that girl’s ass and who dared to finish the bottle of brandy, I decided that I needed to be alone for a mere few hours every once in a while. But where-oh-where would I go? I poured myself a big, fat glass of wine, drew myself a bath and locked the door behind me. While sipping some wine, I started to check out what my favourite artists were up to and went on a scavenger hunt in search of new music that I plan to fall in love with.

And just like that, I got to unwind while losing my mind over some of the new music released by some of my favourite artists. And what kind of person wouldn’t want to share new music with fellow musicheads like you guys?

So here goes, pour yourself a glass of wine and let me take you on this musical adventure!

The Lumineers is releasing their third album on 13 September 2019 and I scribbled it into my calendar the moment I heard all about it. As I reminisced about the insane show they held in South Africa a few years ago, I played Gloria, the first single off the album, in which Wesley Schultz asks “is about love between an addict and her family?”  

Followed by Donna, and Life In The City, this album can be described as a story that will be told in three chapters. I have only started with the pregolue of this story, with its classic strong instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics that we love the Lumineers for, mixed with a darker tone that left me intrigued.

Yo, I’m cool around this song

I absolutely love Desmond and the Tutus, mostly because I’m a Pretoria girl living in the Western Cape, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the Pretoria Girls? Pffft.

Band member, Craig Durrant started Yo Grapes in 2010, and I had the opportunity to check him out at OppiKoppi. He died a slow death (from music), but don’t you worry, he’s back with his new single Cool Around You. This traditional folk song is fun, cheeky and light-hearted, which makes me smile from the first guitar riff until the last.

Rock with the Keys

After five years we can rock with Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbbach yet again! The Black Keys is releasing their ninth album on 28 June 2019, but gave us something to enjoy while we wait in anticipation. Eagle Birds punched me right in the gut with straightforward rock, electric guitar riffs and pure magic!

She makes something beautiful out of this

You think she’s a sweetheart just by looking at her, until she opens her mouth and you realize that she is a force to be reckoned with in the alternative folk genre. Adele Nqeto released her EP, Home, and from the get go you enjoy the delivery of the Collectors Edition full of confidence, delicacy and power. This song is stripped down thanks to her crisp, raw vocals that you just can’t help but to sway to.

I’m a big fan of jazz music and so the saxophone is my favourite part of this song. Adele Nqeto’s new album makes me nostalgic about home and I’m going to call my mom the minute I finish this article. It will melt your heart, just like it did mine.   

But all we need is a little balance

With water restrictions a thing in the Western Cape, I needed to wrap up my alone-time and face the three loonies that I love so much. The last release that I’m losing my mind over is the  constantly evolving Balance, Not Symmetry by Biffy Clyro.

So there you have it, these are my shower songs until my next escape from Nick, Schmidt and Winston and if you want to listen to it too, you can check out my playlist on iTunes and Spotify:


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