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If it’s a niche trend on the foodie scene, odds are that you’ll be able to find it in Cape Town. I also try to explain to my family up North that chain restaurants never do as well in Cape Town and these little niche finds tend to disappear just as quickly as they pop up, so you need to head there first chance you get.

We’ve made a list of our favourite niche eateries so you can tick them off one delicious bite at a time.

Roast & Co

Think Sunday lunch, think succulent roast chicken, now just imagine having that on the daily! That is what Roast & Co is all about. They pride themselves on being a farm-to-table eatery with their free-range chickens hailing from Elgin. You have the option of choosing either a quarter, half or full chicken with a full range of sides of which the pumpkin fritters are my absolute favourite! Find them on the ever popular Bree Street foodie strip. Read our full write-up here.


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The Poké Co

Damn, I love poké. All those delicious Asian flavours and yummy textures – it is such a treat. In Cape Town, you are privileged to have a few options when it comes to poké and our favourite by far is the Poké Co. I enjoy building my own poké bowl, which includes choosing your base, picking a protein, add some yummy veggies and fruits, getting that crunch and topping it off with a dressing. Too lazy to go through all that trouble? They have signature bowls as well and even poke burritos.


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Tortilla Modern Mexican

I discovered Tortilla Modern Mexico on Uber Eats and have been addicted ever since! Their burritos are literally the stuff of dreams! What’s even greater is that they have a choice of regular, large and even lite – so you get to choose how hungry you really are, which is great if you detest leftovers like I do. Not only do they prepare burritos, you can also order nachos, quesadillas, tacos and mexi bowls from them, too. I am not a big fan of spicy food and therefore I love the fact that I can choose whether to add chillies or not – #winning!


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Three Wise Monkeys

If you’ve recently been to Sea Point and haven’t yet stopped by Three Wise Monkeys on Main Road for some ramen, you’ve definitely been missing out. Although something as rich as ramen is not something I can eat daily, I love treating myself to a bowl every now and then. My favourite is their vegetable ramen that is made with, among others ingredients, miso, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, leeks, nori – and ramen noodles, of course!


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De Vrije Burger

What could be better than a good ‘ol takeaway burger and chips? In Stellenbosch, Bertus Basson has perfected the art of this age-old family classic. I always opt for the Melrose and biltong option and they even ask you how your meat should be done! Their burgers are loaded and juicy and super filling, so it doubles up as a perfect shared lunch as well. With every burger purchased, you also get a free ice cream with sprinkles – score! We also did a full review, here.


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Melt Café

As winter is creeping closer, I find myself turning to comfort food. And what could be better than a toasted cheese sandwich? Melt Café in Cape Town CBD exclusively sells toasted cheese sandwiches on white, brown, ciabatta and rye bread. You also have the choice of adding either bacon, jalapenos, chicken, bacon, tuna and more to your sandwich. It is so difficult to choose a favourite, but if I absolutely had to, I’d go for the Maple bacon sandwich. As an added bonus, they also serve great coffee!


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Honest Chocolate Café

Let’s just agree that chocolate is the best and be done with it! The little Honest Chocolate Café on Wale Street is one of my favourite hangouts in the CBD. And just because they are a chocolate café does not mean that they overload their sweets with sugar, they really make an effort to keep their treats as clean as possible. They also have brownie options that include sweet potato which makes it a great gluten-free option as well. But my favourite item on their menu is their hot chocolate with just a little bit of added spice – perfect for those rainy days!


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