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The Fry Family Food Co. has just launched their new golden crispy Fish-Style Fillets, as well as their new and improved battered Prawn-Style Pieces, and I was all too eager to attend the event that commemorated this launch.

Despite being hosted at the Harvest Café in Cape Town, the event was less focused on the foodie aspect of things, and more on the sustainability of the ocean. South African eco-activist and a captain of the Sea Shepherd, Andre Rutishauser, took to the stage to tell us more about the amazing work that they are doing in trying to maintain the sustainability of the marine ecosystem, as well as why it’s important that we take a step back to observe what is currently happening in the fishing industry.

Along with the shocking fact that our seas may be devoid of fish by 2048 in some parts of the world if we do nothing to improve the status of the oceans, he also spoke of the projects of Sea Shepherd, an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that works to defend marine wildlife from exploitation. A gut-wrenching documentary that focused on the effects of by-catch (unwanted or unintended catching of fish and other marine animals such as whales, sharks, dolphins and turtles by commercial fishing nets), and the fact for every 1 kg of tuna caught, there is a resulting 4 kg of by-catch.

Tears were almost shed.

On a lighter side it was cool to hear how the Fry Family Food Co. donates and sponsors food to the crew of Sea Shepherd, as all meals on board (and all attending crew) are vegan.

For information on the projects that Sea Shepherd is currently immersed in, or if you’re thinking of getting involved, check out

The experience has really opened my eyes to the state of the oceans, and has made me even more resilient to try and do what I can to lessen the plight, in any small way that I can.

These new additions to the Fry’s vegan range took centre stage with their “off the hook” menu that featured saucy Cape Malay-style pickled prawns, fish tacos with a seared pineapple pico de gallo, a good ol’ fashioned, traditional fish and chips with a dill tartar sauce, wrapped in its own specially created “newspaper”, a specially created sheet reminscent of an old-timey newspaper, and my personal favourite, “prawn” nigiri served with wasabi mayo and a side of soya sauce.


I must say that I was slightly surprised by the slightly fishy flavour that accompanied the fish and chips, and will definitely be aiming to recreate the dish! The Fish-Style Fillets have a texture that anyone who has tried Fry’s extensive range will recognise, and despite being completely plant-based, contains more Omega-3 than tuna! Not only is it better and more sustainable for our environment, but it’s also a healthier alternative for us.

The Fish-Style Fillets can now be found in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng provinces in Spar and Checkers stores, and will shortly be appearing in Pick ‘n Pay stores as well. For the full list of where to get you hands on these products, check out


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