Laughing our way to the festive season: Our favourite November funnies
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When it comes to November, I am a bit biased. It is my birthday month and it is usually the start of summer, which just happens to be my favourite season. And as the mood becomes lighter and sunnier, I find the internet to follow suit with plenty of lighthearted commentaries, funnies and memes.

End of the year stocktake

A good friend of mine used to take a road trip through the Karoo in December to clear her head of all the events of the year. I’ve often times tried to do the same, but found that it only stressed me out about the year ahead. I was determined to stick to this outlook until I saw the following post, which got me thinking that maybe I’ve got my shit together more than most.


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Shopping Season

Let’s not beat around the bush; the festive season can actually just be called the shopping season. I know I’ve said it before, but I just love giving gifts and will spend numerous hours, and hundreds of Rands, picking out the best present. The very last thing I want, when looking for that perfect gift, is some running commentary on the money that I am spending, which is why I found the following post so relatable.

“I’m the king of the world!”

Just when you think you’ve seen every Titanic joke and meme out there, the internet hits back with some or other never-seen-before gem that has you rolling on the floor. And it is not just poor Rose and Jack that come under fire – Kate Winslet and Leo Dicaprio also often draw the short end of the stick. I was recently sent this latest addition to the collection:

Love in a time of the internet

Together with a few colleagues, I’ve gained some insight into the world of online dating. From singles’ groups on Facebook, to online dating, and of course Tinder (one colleague even wrote about her Tinder experience), the singles in my office have several different avenues for meeting people and even pursue some casual dating. But like everything, online dating has its pros and cons, and to some of them the red flags are more obvious than to others.

*Hands in the air emoji*

We all have that one friend. The one that sends one message after the other drives everyone insane – okay fine, that friend is me. I don’t think that I do it consciously, it just happens – sorry, not sorry. The only exception is when dealing with my dad, then you have to ask one question at a time, otherwise he just responds to the one that he’d prefer to answer.


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We all need a bit of a holiday

I never get sick of office humour. Mostly because it is so damn relatable! Especially towards the end of the year, I find it harder and harder to deal with a lot of the stuff that I would usually just have dismissed earlier in the year. And as I count the days till December holidays, I, unfortunately, cannot get this post out of my head…


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