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To me, 2018 just seems to be d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g along. Every time I check to see if it’s December already, I’m met with a few more weeks of work. To pass the time, we’ve rounded up our favourite memes, images, videos and laughs on the internet that kept us busy in October.

Hot as Hell

Somewhere in October, the weather caught up – it was finally summer! Our beloved Stellenbosch threw us a 35 degree curve ball and we were gasping for some cool air.

Summer, of course, calls for less of our favourite piping-hot coffee goodness and more frozen alternatives. But as you eye the R5+ price hike for a frozen latte, this Cosmo post rings true:


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Royal Timelines

I often head to social media for a break, just to be discouraged by my umpteenth friend getting married, going on a fabulous overseas trip or having her second child, and just head back to Netflix again.

In the same way, I had all the feels for poor Princess Eugenie who got married on the Saturday, just to have Harry and Meghan announce their pregnancy on the Monday. They couldn’t just let her have her moment, and this got me thinking about my own situation right now…


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The Road Rage Is Real

If you’ve ever been brave enough to get in my passenger seat, you will know that I can get quite upset over people that disrespect the rules of the road, or that simply make up their own rules.

I was, therefore, overjoyed to find this gem. Don’t you just love it when one simple image sums it all up?


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The Infamous Man-Cold

It’s no secret (and probably “biologically proven”) that men experience worse colds than women. Usually recovering mere moments before certain death, their colds are unrivalled in humankind.

The weather fluctuations ensured that my boyfriend got hit with a lovely summer cold. Although often proclaiming that he never gets sick, this one hit him quite hard and I could recite these beauties to him on his “death bed”:

We All Have That One Friend

Puppy videos are the best! I love the silly ones, the ‘oh shit’ ones, the darling ones and even just the normal ‘look at my puppy’ ones. Let’s just agree, puppies are the absolute best. These two pups had real high hopes for their third sibling, but it turns out that there are just some forces of nature that cannot be stopped.


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Closing Thoughts

As we approach year’s end at a snail’s pace, and I start looking at Christmas presents, New Year’s parties and a whole lot of cringeworthy family-time, I have to start making peace with the fact that 2019 might be just as chaotic as 2018 and just remind myself…


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