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I have been having trouble with my skin for what seems like months now, so when I was introduced to the Optiphi Professional Treatment Kit, I jumped at the opportunity. Optiphi and 9Lives have collaborated in the past and the rest of the team haven’t stopped talking about their amazing results – finally, I can concur, that this is indeed true!

Covid-19’s impact on many industries, including the beauty and wellness industry, has been damaging and very heartbreaking to witness. I think I speak for women everywhere when I say that the closure of beauty and hair salons has forced us to come up with some very interesting at-home solutions. Optiphi is no stranger to technological innovation in skincare and it is this philosophy, accompanied by aunt Rona’s stay-at-home order, that led them to develop their Professional Treatment Kits which you can do in the comfort of your own home. Along with the treatment, you also receive a one-on-one consultation with one of their skin therapists. Nanette, my therapist, talked me through the entire process and explained not only the benefits of the products, but also what they were actually doing for and with my skin. I find this approach worked excellently for me since I am easily persuaded by products’ packaging and smart copy, and not so much by the measurable results. 

I received the Introductory Treatment Kit which targets hydration, protects and supports the skin’s barrier, and balances oil levels. I have quite an oily T-zone with breakouts along my chin and mouth area so this treatment was the ideal match.  Before choosing a treatment option, you have to meet with a skin therapist online who will do a virtual skin analysis and recommend the treatment that will suit your skin best. 

For the treatment, all I needed to prepare were two bowls of warm water, a facial cloth, a small ramekin, and a mirror. Nanette went through the skin analysis questionnaire with me and we established my problem areas and concerns. 

After that, we proceeded with a double cleanse using the complimentary Optiphi Facial cleanser provided in the kit. I use this cleanser daily and I am completely obsessed. Its anti-inflammatory properties aid in reducing the redness caused by blemishes, thereby effectively eliminating a skin concern which definitely causes some self-confidence issues. 

After the cleanse, I mixed the Brilliant and Bright Polish in the small ramekin and combined it with water. I then proceeded to exfoliate. The Brilliant and Bright Polish was divine – it was gentle enough not to cause irritation but effective in removing dead skin cells and impurities. The best part is the smell! Smelling faintly of Oats, the product felt and smelled natural and therefore didn’t cause concern around harmful chemicals and their effect on my skin. 

I followed the exfoliator with a hydrating serum and rounded everything off with Optiphi’s Dermal Reconstitution Mask. This product is heaven! I had quite a bit left after the treatment and continue to use it once a week. It leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturised, without appearing to be oily. 

As this was a professional treatment, I applied Optiphi’s Protect the Canvas SPF to protect my skin from the harmful sun rays (even if I am inside all day!) and free radicals. I use Protect the Canvas daily and can 100% recommend its efficiency and lightweight durability. I have never used an SPF which is as lightweight and non-oily as this one. It has definitely secured a permanent spot in my skincare routine. 

The Optiphi Professional Treatment Kit was the perfect aid to my very frustrated skin – for days after I could see (and better, feel!) the results. My skin was noticeably smoother, spots and scars were almost diminished, and it felt moisturised and refreshed. I had a very visible glow which the team couldn’t refrain from commenting on in every Zoom call, which was an added bonus! 

If I could have this treatment once a week I would – Nanette was a great help in understanding my skin’s needs and problems, and also suggesting products to use and behaviour to avoid in my skin care routine. 

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