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If you follow me regularly you’ll know I’m a big fan of Optiphi, a local premium skin and body brand with roots in medical care. So I was beyond excited when I learnt that the brand would be launching their own range for babies and kids this year. The new Optiphi Elements range has been formulated to protect and strengthen your little one’s delicate skin, without any of the nasties that could potentially harm. No allergens, parabens, sulphates or soap, fragrances, colourants or petrolatum, and it’s vegan-friendly. Of course the proof is in the rub-a-dubbing, so here’s what I thought first hand.

My daughter has inherited my sensitive, eczema-prone skin, so I’ve become very selective about the products I use on her. What got me really excited about the Elements range is the fact that it’s completely allergen and fragrance-free, something that really does increase the risk of irritation and flair-ups. At the same time their products keep the skin nourished, gently cleansing and then restoring the skin’s moisture barrier with all the right hydrating goodies. So from a formulation point, they’ve ticked the boxes.

Optiphi Elements Range

As a mom, ease of use is a BIG factor. You can’t have tricky packaging when handling a slippery toddler in a tub. The Complete Gentle Wash has a convenient pump mechanism that also foams up the wash as you push it. My daughter thought it was amazing and kept insisting I pump more and more into her hands. Luckily the wash itself is very lightweight and easy to rinse off. It might be nice to have a lock function on the bottle, so that baba can play without wasting.

Another fantastic product is their Nurture and Nourish Lotion. It works to sooth and balance the skin, and it applies very easily, absorbing quickly without a heavy, sticky residue. Their Honey Bum Balm also impressed, with a light formula that absorbs easily, and soothing, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help to soothe irritated skin.

The range also includes a Skin Shield Protection, with 100% zinc oxide providing an SPF 50. It’s lightweight, water-resistant and suitable for very sensitive skins. So far I really like it, though I’d love to test-drive it properly during the summer months.

And finally, there’s the Slumber & Soothe Massage Oil, which I haven’t tried simply because my toddler won’t stay still for longer than a second. I am excited about the product, though. Like the rest of the range, it is completely fragrance-free, a big bonus with newborns who are often very averse to scented products. It contains a mixture of organic oils including sunflower, sesame, olive, jojoba and sweet almond, all working to strengthen and nourish the skin.

And the price? The range starts at R180 for the Honey Bum Balm (100ml) and goes up to R438 for the Skin Shield Protection (50m). While on the expensive side, I think the prices are very fair for what you’re getting and I would happily repurchase. You can head over to for more information.


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