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Summer is here, which means it’s time to organise your Pinterest summer mood board! Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration for everything from what to wear, to what to do and what to make.

We’ve made our own summer-inspired Pinterest board to show you how we like to get organised using sections, and to help you get started with creating your own. Our board is filled with amazing ideas to inspire your summer bucket list and get you even more excited for the summer ahead! We’ve also included what to wear during summer, some fun recipes, and even some summer-themed Instagram inspiration.

Since we’ve saved quite a lot of ideas to our summer mood board, we created board sections for each category, making it easier to find specific Pins. Not sure how to create a section? Don’t worry, it’s super easy! All you have to do is go to the specific board you want to create sections for and tap “Add section”. From there, pick the Pins you want to add to the section and you’re done. Now you can easily save new ideas to it.

If you need a little more inspiration, here’s how we used our sections for our summer board.

  • What to wear: Here we added outfits, clothing pieces, shoes and accessories to inspire our summer-lookbook.
  • Recipes: This section has all the recipes we’ve created, and those added by other pinners that we would like to make during summer.
  • What to do: This section is our summer to-do list, with loads of ideas and inspiration for summer activities.
  • Hair care: This board is filled with various hairstyles that are perfect for summer. We also added our favourite summer hair care tips and tricks.
  • Instagram inspo: We’re always looking for new ideas to post on our Instagram profile, so we created a section to easily find some inspiration for our next Insta pic.

We’re prepped and ready for summer and can’t wait to tick some summer activities off our list!

Are you going to make a summer mood board on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments below which sections you would add!


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