These beauty basics recently landed on our desks, and we got to test them out and spice up our make-up routines. Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend when you have these beauty finds in your make-up bag!

Here are our favourite make-up picks of the week, let us know what you’re favourite product is this week in the comments below.


Filorga TIME-FLASH Express Smoothing Active Primer

R660 for 30ml,

A dash of foundation has become part of my morning beauty routine. The only thing is, by the end of the day, my base feels pretty gross and has lost its fresh look. How do I make it stick and last long? A good primer is my answer. And Filorga TIME-FLASH Express Smoothing Active Primer is my new go to option. Not only does this primer works to smooth out fine lines and blemishes, refine pores and skin texture, it is formulated with skin-relaxing hexapeptide, collagen booster, peel-like active hyaluronic acid booster for a long-lasting treatment.

Before applying my foundation, I massaged this creamy primer over my entire face.  First up I was enveloped by its gorgeous fresh and fruity scent, and was then seduced by its soft and silky texture which dissolved effortlessly into my skin. Not only did it give my skin a lovely healthy glow, it also kept my makeup looking on point for the entire day.  


Sisley Paris Stylo Lumière


This highlighter/ concealer combo markets itself as an “instant radiance booster pen” and let me tell you, it delivers on that promise! First of all, this is the first highlighter or concealer I’ve found in a shade that actually works on my pale AF skin.

It’s great for covering up imperfections (or those pesky eye-bags I tend to suffer from) and subtly lifts and creates radiance in your skin. I would definitely use this on a daily basis, especially after a late night!


Stylo Ombre Et Contour


This pencil is described as an eyeshadow – liner – kohl. If you’re as confused by this description as I was, never fear. It basically just means that the soft medium-thick tip is perfect for applying either as a liner or a kohl to the lashline and contour of your eye, or – if you’re brave enough – as an eyeshadow by applying it to the lid and smudging it out.

I struggle to apply eyeliner properly. Partially because I’m too impatient. I really fell in love with this product (I use it as a liner, btw) when I found out how easily and smoothly it applies, and how forgiving it is. A few impatient moves, and suddenly you have the perfect smoky eyeliner. I have this liner in a shade 08 – Rouge Noir which I’ve found works perfectly as an easy day or sultry night look.


YSL Tatouage Couture Long Lasting Matte Lipstick


The texture of this lipstick isn’t visible at all, it just looks like a strong stain, exactly as if I’ve just tattooed my lips bright pink! I attended a wedding this past weekend and a bold lip was just what I needed to make me feel better about attending it single.

The one thing that bothers me about wearing lipstick is the fact that it looks gorgeous the moment you get out of the car, but as the night goes on the lipstick disappears. But not this Kylie-Jenner-you-can-go-to-bed lipstick, oh no! My lips were stained the whole night, even as I was eating and enjoying some champagne! If you want to make a statement, then this is all you need. One thing is for sure, this stain will probably still be there the next morning, and possibly the next after that.


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