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If you don’t have a dedicated day cream, are you even an adult? We’ve rounded up our favourite day creams below to help keep your skin moisturised and smooth. So, take a look at this week’s roundup below!


Botanicals Day & Night Moisture Cream – Normal/Combination Skin

R139,99 for 50ml, beaucience.co.za

If there’s one thing I won’t leave the house without, it’s a good day cream. I’ve mentioned before how sensitive my skin is, and I struggle to find face creams that don’t cause me t9o break out or have harsh reactions. With the colder weather approaching, I especially gravitate towards thicker, more luxurious day creams, just for that little bit of extra moisture, and I really enjoyed the Botanicals Day & Night Moisture Cream by Beauscience.

For anyone looking for an affordable and skin-friendly day cream, I would definitely suggest Beaucience Botanicals. It has a very neutral smell, which I prefer in any cream that goes on my face, and a range of natural ingredients like Lotus Flower Extracts, Wheatgerm and Avocado Oils for extra moisture, along with Proteasyl which acts as an anti-aging active.


Mavala Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturizing Featherlight Cream

R575 for 45ml, dischem.co.za

The one thing I never leave the house without (apart from my sunscreen) is a day cream. The Mavala Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturizing Featherlight cream is my new favourite, with its soothing Mallow flower and hyaluronic acids. As an added bonus, it doesn’t have a super strong scent, and it’s gel-based, so it’s super smooth and soothing on the skin as you apply it. I’ve been looking for an ultra-moisturising day cream, and Mavala delivered! It left my skin feeling smooth and supple without leaving me feeling weighed down by a heavy formulation.


Placecol Barrier Protects Day Antioxidant Protection, Daily Moisturiser

R395.00 for 50 ml, placecol.com

I’m not a fan of using product on product on product. Just give me a good cleanser, toner and cream and I’m all set to go! For years I’ve been using the same day cream, until I was introduced to this daily moisturiser from Placecol.

The first thing that stood out was that it doesn’t have a strong scent. I don’t like creams that have too much of a perfume, and this daily moisturiser just smells fresh. And that is all I need, a freshness that hits me while I’m busy with my daily skin care routine.

Not only is the smell soft on the nose, but my skin has been soft since the first time I applied Placecol Barrier Protect Day.
With the winter winds drying out my skin, the long-term hydration from this moisturiser is exactly what I need to improve and restore my skin!


Filorga Oxygen Glow Cream

R531 for 50 ml, absoluteskin.co.za

As the perfect start to the day, a day cream is essential to my morning skincare routine. And I usually go for something light, fresh and well-moisturising without feeling too heavy. Now, I’ve tried many amazing skincare products that fit the bill, and all I can say is this Filorga Oxygen Glow Cream is now top of my list. With hyaluronic acid and detoxifying L-enzyme, this day cream works to boost the skin, leaving it smooth, plump and flawless. Best of all, it’s a non-comedogenic formulation, which is great for my pores! I was not only drawn to its delicious scent, it also had a lovely silky soft texture that soaked seamlessly into my skin, leaving it looking positively radiant. After a few days of use, my face has never felt happier or healthier!


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream
R420 for 50ml, Edgars

I’ve always been scared of trying a new day cream. When I find a cream that works, I stick to it like glue. I also have a few requirements when it comes to day creams – not too heavy, non-irritating and, of course, natural ingredients are a great added bonus. I hesitantly tried the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised; actually I’m quite obsessed! The cream is super light and hydrating, it also lasts the entire day, leaving your skin feeling amazing! The formula contains squalane which is a highly-refined moisturizing oil derived from olives which helps strengthen and restore the skin’s moisture barrier. It is also scentless which I love, as it does not irritate my normally very sensitive skin.

If you have a day cream or daily moisturiser that’s keeping your skin healthy and happy, let us know in the comments below!


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