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Winter is just around the corner, and that has the 9Lives team rounding up their favourite moisturising products to keep their lips, faces and skin healthy and hydrated. We’ve got our favourite creams, moisturisers and lip balms below, so keep reading to see how you can keep your skin supple and crack-free this winter.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
R299.00 for 50g,

This is a 50g tube full of delight! The first bit of joy comes from the smell of tea tree oil that fills the room as soon as you take the cap off.

With winter approaching a lot sooner than I’m prepared for, this saved my already-dry hands from drying out completely. I’m also an accident bound to happen, and I pick up scrapes and scars easily, but this eight hour cream healed these scratches quickly before anyone could notice that I had fallen on my face outside of Akker here in Stellenbosch.

I recommend always having it in your make-up bag, because you can use it in multiple different ways, from taming eyebrows to moisturising those cracked lips!


Ultravine Advance RCS Day Cream
R639 for 50ml,

When we decided to pick our favourite moisturisers for our weekly beauty roundup, this Ultravine Advance RCS Day Cream was at the top of my list. I recently starting taking anti-aging measures, which involved revamping my skincare routine to include products that work to add some much-needed moisturisation back into my dry skin, keeping it firm and supple, and reducing the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles – that are to my horror becoming more and more visible. A power punch concocted to rejuvenate and protect the skin, this moisturiser fitted the bill perfectly.

The first morning I used this day cream, I instantly fell in love with its fragrant floral scent with subtle herby undertone and its silky soft texture. The cream was easily absorbed by my skin and left it feeling smooth and gorgeously supple. After only a few days of using this product, my skin already feels more hydrated and I have even noticed an enhanced glow to my skin. I’m always amazed by how much a difference good skincare products make!


Clinique’s Custom- blend hydrator
R420 for the base and R150 for the active cartridge,

When I found out we would be doing a weekly roundup of moisturisers, I was so excited to try out the latest offering from Clinique. Clinique has recently brought out their Clinique ID range, which contains active ingredients that hydrate and treat your specific skin concerns.

Whether you struggle with uneven skin tone like me, or whether irritation, fatigue, uneven textures and pores, or lines and wrinkles are your main concern, there’s something for everyone. What makes Clinique ID unique is that you can combine the active cartridge for your needs with the moisturising base of your choice, resulting in 15 different combination options!

The options for the base are the Dramatically Different Oil Control Gel (for oily skin), the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, or the Dramatically different Hydrating Jelly. I went for the jelly, as it felt best on my skin and suited my needs — and best of all, it helps protect your skin from pollution!

The active cartridge mixes with the base when you pump out your daily dose of moisturiser, so the ratio is always 10% active ingredient and 90% moisturiser, ensuring that you always get the perfect blend for your face. I love this moisturiser and have been using it daily since I got it!


Urban Combat Green Superfood Moisturiser
R500 for 50ml,

I am super fussy about what I put on my face, as my skin is very sensitive, but I do really appreciate the Superfood Moisturiser by THE SKIN CO’s Cold Pressed Skin range. The formula is made up using only natural ingredients, such as algae, kale and broccoli, activated moss and phytosterols, and I absolutely love that the product is vegan and cruelty-free.

This product has been formulated to be rich in antioxidants, which helps to fight the effects of environmental pollutants and aids cell regeneration in the skin.
The actual scent of the product takes some getting used to (it smells super green) but I’ve had absolutely no breakouts or inflammation, and it takes care of the dryness easily.


Optiphi Active Lip Formula
R417, Available at select salons

If you are anything like me, you dread winter because you can already feel your lips chapping. Sometimes it gets so bad that it can become quite painful, and I try not to apply too much lip balm, as I feel my lips get quite dependant on the moisture instead of retaining its own.

When we decided on the topic of moisturisers for this week, I immediately grabbed the Optiphi Active Lip Formula. Their formulation includes shea butter, which helps restore the balance of lipids in dry lips such as mine. Another great perk is that it also contains anti-aging properties, which fights the formation of lip lines and loss of volume. I apply the balm once in the morning and once before going to sleep and it lasts me all day and night – no dependency, just full-day moisture.


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