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ICYMI – it’s National Pizza Day! At 9Lives we simply can’t resist the opportunity to indulge and support some of our old favourite (and new-found) pizza kings in Stellenbosch. If you think about it, the list could go on forever. But since we spend most of our time indoors now, it seemed appropriate to see what we can find on UberEats and just how well they eat at home.

For all of us, it was love at first bite. So without further adough – here are some of our favourite pizzas to celebrate this very fine day:

Caré – First Base

Although First Base got introduced to Stellenbosch a while ago already, the ooey gooey squared goodness from this popular franchise was a first for me. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a finer day to try out a new pizza than National Pizza Day.

The crunchy, but slightly chewy, super thin base is what did it for me. Combine that with all the flavour they could possibly pack inside a tomato paste, and heaps of cheese, and you might find yourself in pizza heaven.

I have to admit though, as a designer I base a lot of my decisions on what visually entices me, and with First Base it was no different. Their boxes are nothing short of super quirky. If your mouth is watering by now, you can find them on UberEats and Mr Delivery daily, where you can go to first base with a pizza in the comfort of your own home.

Best pizzas Ubereats

Nina – Rome in a Bite

“Rome in a bite” is about as apt and close to perfect a description I can find to describe this glorious pizza. I have tried quite a few variations on their menu and I have not been disappointed. It’s the perfect combination between a slightly crunchy, slightly dewy base, a yummy tomato base, and plenty of cheese. I dare say that this is the only pizza that’s even tastier the morning after.

Some highlights on the menu include 4 Formaggi, Tricolore, and of course, the good ‘ol Margherita. Not to be confused with the many other sidewalk cafés in Stellenbosch, this one is by far a stand out in terms of the quality of food.

Eden – Holy Dough

Looking for a little slice of Italy? Holy Dough is where it’s at. With authentic Neapolitan pizzas, this little pizzeria promises a truly authentic pizza experience.

Holy Dough pizzas have the softest, chewy bases with little charred spots for added character. The dough for each base is left to rise and ferment for up to 4 days, giving it that yummy sourdough flavour we love.

Though the cheesy margarita with fresh basil is my favourite, you can choose from a variety of fun, fresh toppings and even build your own unholy creation.

If you’re craving a bite, step just off Dorp Street and straight into pizza heaven. Not too keen on leaving the house? Just hop on Uber Eats or Mr D and let heaven come to you.

Elené – Mill Coffee House

This little café in Dorp Street is often overlooked, except for their regulars who you’ll always find enjoying midday treats on the sidewalk. The Mill Coffee House is known for its banting menu and array of smoothie options. If you weren’t aware, they also have a few pizza options – all served on cauli bases. We had the Carne, and not only is the base extremely thin, and a combination of flavourful and chewy, it is generously loaded with toppings that complement each other perfectly. For those who like something adventurous, or the fit February fanatics – this is most definitely the tastiest ‘healthy’ pizza in town.

You won’t find them on social media, but they are available on OrderIn and UberEats during the day.

Best pizza Ubereats

Heloise – NY Slice

Nothing beats the satisfaction of stuffing your face with a slice of pizza the size of your head. A chewy inside with a crunchy crust, balanced with just enough cheese, a hint of basil, and a perfectly good tomato base. New York Slice’s margarita is the pizza to have on this day of celebration. The insane slice to mouth ratio will have you feeling like a cartoon character in a 90’s Nickelodeon show.

Even though I love New York Slice every now and then it is not something I could indulge in on a regular basis. The heart on their logo is clearly not a symbol for cardiac health, and I would definitely advise that you dab your slice with a serviette like the #fitnessqueen that you are just to get rid of the excess oil on their pizza.

Fitness talk on the side, grab a slice, dab it, and enjoy without any regrets.

Marié – Casa Cerveza

My first experience with Casa Cerveza was on a Tinder date with an Italian guy. At the exact moment when he had his first bite of a Casa Cerveza favourite he freaked out about the amazing tomato base, that is “almost as good as any place in his homeland”.

I never saw the guy again, but I greeted Casa Cerveza quite a lot after that. The highlight of any Tinder date should be the Casa Cerveza Margarita pizza with an Italian inspired tomato base, fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes, and a thin base.

Ansumi – Col Cacchio

Any true pizza-lover would most definitely have come across an all too familiar Col Cacchio. 

For me, this experience only became a reality when I moved to Hermanus. The first time my friends wanted to go out for dinner, they immediately suggested Col Cacchio; I haven’t looked back since. 

For the first time in a while, I tried their margarita, and it is the perfect balance of everything. The base isn’t too crispy, but also not too chewy. The only thing for me was that I can do with a lot more cheese added to this yummy pizza. Pizza is always a fun and easy go-to, and the nice thing about  Col Cacchio – you’ll always know what you’ll get. Grab a slice and enjoy!

Best pizza UberEats


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