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Do you have a fascination with all things morbid? Or do you just love macabre stories? Maybe you have stuff to do and don’t quite know how to pass the time. Angy and I have you covered with a range of our favourite True Crime podcasts. Here we cover stories ranging from cults to murders, from across the years. So whether it’s chores you’ve gotta slay, or admin to put an end to, check out these boredom busters.


My Favourite Murders

Karen Kilgariff (a stand-up comedian) and Georgia Hardstark (writer and host for the Cooking Channel) host the podcast My Favourite Murders, covering single murders, true crime and sometimes survivor stories. Each of the hosts take turns regaling the other with a story to which the other reacts. Often hilariously. They also cover other topics within the episodes, such as mental health and sexual abuse, as well as their own experiences and stories. I like that they show compassion and share their own anxieties that come along with true crime. And even though it’s a pretty dark subject that they’re dealing with, these two women are still able to keep it entertaining.

Time to kill: Their episodes are on the longer side with episodes varying from 60
to 120 minutes in length, and shorter “minisodes” coming in at 30–45 minutes each.

Learn more here:

My Favourite Murder podcast

Cult Liter

One of my all time favourite podcasts is Cult Liter presented by Spencer Henry, hairstylist and content manager for L’Oreal. I absolutely live for his quirky commentary and reactions, and can’t stop trying to convince friends and family to give him a go. Spencer covers topics from, yep you guessed it, cults to murder cases and general weird and macabre history. I like that he goes pretty deep into the history of each killer or general weirdo, providing an in-depth look at why said weirdo could have turned out in the way they have, but with a touch of humour. The podcast initially stemmed from true crime stories that Spencer hosted on his Instagram account, which you can check out here.

Time to kill: His episodes are generally on the shorter side, spanning about 20 – 30 minutes, with shorter episodes titled “Little Liters” spanning 13 – 15 minutes.

Learn more here:

Cult Liter Podcast

S’laughter: True Crime Podcast

Similar to that of My Favourite Murders, the S’laughter podcast is hosted by two women telling each other true crime stories. Lucy and Emma are school teachers by profession, and take turns sharing their grim stories, with dark humour to match. The podcast has been nominated for an award in the true crime category in the British Podcast Awards 2018, and I love the banter the two of them share. Their tagline? “Listening to S’laughter doesn’t make you a psycho, killing people does.” The true crime stories they cover have happened in the UK and Ireland, and often dates back a number of decades or centuries.

Time to kill: Emma and Lucy’s podcast range from 40 – 60 minutes, with their shorter “Slash and Dash” episodes coming in at about 10 – 20 minutes in length.

Listen here:

S'laughter the podcast


True crime stories have always intrigued me. I remember spending weekends religiously watching Forensic Files and obsessing over the Crime and Investigation channel. What had spurred my fascination with the dark and sinister? I don’t know. But what I do know is that at one point in my life I made plans to become a criminal profiler,inspired by the series Criminal Minds,. That dream, however, never realised so I moved on to the next best thing… true crime podcasts. I like to play detective while listening to them, analysing the crimes and profiling the criminals for fun. I can tell you within seconds whether the unsub was close to the victim, whether it was a crime of passion, or simply a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyway, I digress. This ritual with true-crime podcasts might not be everyone’s weapon of choice (hehe) but nevertheless, the stories told on true crime podcasts are always fascinating. If you’re a true crime addict, such as yours truly, you’ll come to love these three podcasts listed below as much as I do.

Sword and Scale

Funny enough, my mom introduced me to the enchanting wonders of Sword and Scale a while ago. She has, however, stepped away from the true crime genre following some “too real to deal” stories, but I’ve been hooked ever since. Sword and Scale features creator and host Mike Boudet as he narrates true crime stories that are often intertwined with interviews from criminals, witnesses, victims, 911 call audio, trial audio, interrogation tapes and so much more! Sometimes, the stories can get a bit intense, even for me, and I have to stop listening for a while, or at least wait until the sun comes up. Sword and Scale is definitely a must if you love true crime podcasts that offer you a completely immersive experience.

Time to kill: Sword and Scale’s episodes can range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. So, get the popcorn ready because I promise you you’ll be transfixed from start to finish.

Listen here:

Sword and Scale Daily

As if my ears haven’t been blessed enough by Sword and Scale, they recently launched Sword and Scale Daily. It’s different from the OG Sword in Scale in that it releases short-format storytelling episodes five times a week, covering international high-profile criminal cases. The episodes are updated as they progress IRL, which feels a lot more like you’re listening to a news broadcast, and are also a lot less gory and scary than those on Sword and Scale. The host, Ryan Williams, has a natural talent for reporting the different stories and his captivating voice will keep you enthralled throughout. Each episode usually features about three stories, so if you like a podcast that mixes things up, then this is the podcast for you.

Time to kill: The episodes are usually under 20 minutes, so it’s perfect for your morning commute or if you’re not interested in dedicating a lot of time to a single episode.

Listen here:

Mystery and Murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil made up a big part of my childhood. My mother and I had a tradition where we used to watch the Dr. Phil show every single day after work and school. When I found out that he created a true crime podcast my nostalgic self was ecstatic! With the Mystery and Murder podcast, each season follows a specific high-profile crime, like the story of Gypsy Rose and the Watts family murders, to name a few. What makes this podcast unique is the insights Dr. Phil gives from a psychological perspective. In the latest season, “Twisted Love: Bringing A Murderer To Justice” you’re given a behind-the-scenes look at the disappearance of Michelle Warner. It also features an exclusive interview Dr. Phil had with the ex-boyfriend and accused killer, Mark Castellano, which is something you won’t generally get from other true crime podcasts. If you’re interested in the workings of the mind of a serial killer and want a more psychological perspective on the crimes they commit, you should definitely give this podcast a listen.

Time to kill: The episodes are quite long, ranging from 40 minutes to an hour or more. It also requires some dedication as an entire season follows one story, so it’s necessary to listen to each episode.

Listen here:

Do you have any favourite true crime podcasts that you’re absolutely obsessed with? Leave them for us in the comments below, we’d love to give them a listen!


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  1. CASEFILE is my all time favourite.
    I cannot stand the banter between two hosts, it somehow feels disrespectful. I much prefer a single narrator, factual approach.

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