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Recently my Instagram feed has been flooded with the most incredible innovations from local restaurants, which I double tap with enthusiasm, save, and show to my husband. Following on my not-so-subtle hints, he spoiled me with an Overture at Home box this Mother’s Day. A few fine dining establishments have opted for these ready-made meals where you can indulge in some super schmancy food, right at home. Stellenbosch-based Chef Bertus Basson has recently launched two versions, Overture at Home from his fine-dining restaurant, and Bertus se Huiskos, which consists of more homely options.

Obviously a big part of fine dining is the actual experience – the ambience of the restaurant, the plating, the theatrics, the accompanying wine pairings. These are lost in the boxed translation (and it’s not the same when you need to clean your own kitchen afterwards). But it was great to get a taste of the high life.

We received freshly baked bread and a courgette salad for a starter, followed by pork belly and a range of indulgent sides. And finally the meal ended with an ultra decadent dessert: chocolate fondant with vanilla mascarpone and mulled pear. They adapt the menu each week so keep an eye on Overture’s Instagram account for an updated version.

As expected, everything was absolutely delicious, although the fondant needed longer in the oven than the directions specified, and I’d have preferred something like a pickle over the potato gratin. But considering what these guys pulled off with the time they had, we were thoroughly impressed. I think these home boxes offer foodies a fun experience, adding a little fresh flavour to the everyday lockdown monotony. I can’t wait to see where they take this concept.

The Overture at Home box is priced at R475 for 2 people. You need to place your order by 12pm for next-day delivery. They do Somerset West and Stellenbosch from Tuesday to Saturday, and deliver to Cape Town on Tuesdays.

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