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Sometimes I wish my life had a soundtrack. With each passing moment there will play a song,  making it even more memorable than the moment actually is. Even though I’m not fortunate enough to have a soundtrack playing with each decision I make and all the moments in 2020, there will always be songs that come to mind when I think of 2020 – the year of reality. So I decided to garner the troops, and make a playlist filled with our best songs of 2020 that would’ve been the best soundtrack for the most shitty year to date.

So without any further ado, here follows the best songs of 2020, local and international, according to the 9Lives team, for when you need a soundtrack for your own life:

  1. Coral baby – Pierre Stemmet
  2. Best years – Social Animals
  3. Black eyed dog – Ben Harper and Rhiannon Giddens
  4. By the dawn – Jerry and the Bandits
  5. Don’t let me Disappear – Ben Harper
  6. Eyes of a child – Christine and the Queens
  7. Exile – Taylor Swift
  8. Grief – IsaacO
  9. Don’t you worry – Oh Wonder
  10. New best friend – Neon Trees
  11. I want more – Kaleo
  12. Caution – the Killers
  13. International hotel – Billy Raffoul
  14. Teen die wet – Fokofpolisiekar
  15. Let me love you like a woman – Lana Del Rey
  16. Jy bly stil – Van Pletzen feat. Jack Parow
  17. Wind to find you – Jackal and the Wind
  18. Gimme love – Joji
  19. If you’re too shy (let me know) – The 1975
  20. Need some company – Josh Kempen
  21. Dronkverdriet – Loki Rothman feat. Francois van Coke
  22. Easy – The Naked and Famous
  23. Lost in yesterday – Tame Impala
  24. Texas sun – Khruangbin and Leon Bridges
  25. Ginger wine – Billy Barker
  26. This is the place – Tom Grennan
  27. Change it all – Camel Power Club
  28. Stem in die wind – Spoegwolf
  29. Medicinal criminal – Zebraman
  30. 27 – This Wall Stays
  31. Fetch the bolt cutter – Fiona Apple
  32. Circles – Mac Miller
  33. I’m still here – Albert Frost

What songs were part of your 2020 soundtrack? Share it with me in the comment section below!


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