Pregnancy was a difficult journey for me. Not physically, I had the usual fatigue during my first trimester and sleepless nights at the end, but there was no serious nausea, no intense bodily qualms, and thankfully nothing that threatened the well-being of myself or the baby. I managed to give natural birth to my daughter, who clocked in at a proper 4kgs, and I count myself lucky that there were no complications. My body has been a rock star. But from an emotional side it wasn’t as easy. Accepting and loving my new body still takes daily work.

There are those women who absolutely love the way their bodies change during pregnancy, but I wasn’t one of them. For me, it took conscious effort to embrace the way my tummy was growing and my skin stretching. Every night I would stand in front of the bathroom mirror, tracing my fingers over each new stretch mark, making peace with the way my body, MY body, was no longer just mine. Each stretch mark was a mark of change, showing me where my skin was making room for my new tiny human, just like I needed to make room for her in my life.

For me, pregnancy was nine months of transformation until, one night at 20:40, a doctor put a baby in my arms. And suddenly this body that used to be mine was now also hers. I knew she relied on me completely to feed her, comfort her, and to provide her with a safe space. Her favourite place to sleep is still next to my heart, and that is a magical feeling. This body of mine has transformed into so much more.

So even though I have so much love and respect for my body, I still struggle with the way it has changed. My tummy is peppered with stretch marks, I have thunderbolts running up my sides, and I have quite a bit of baby weight to shake. But I also realise that this is my new body, my amazing body that has made my baby girl from scratch, and I am learning to re-love it every day.


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As a new mama, I don’t have much time for myself, but I am still trying to take a few minutes each day where I can nourish my body. I am relying on Bio-Oil Skincare Oil to help take care of my stretch marks, working the warm, nourishing oil into my skin twice a day. I am obsessed with the comforting scent and the way it leaves my skin feeling soft and nurtured. And once again, these few quiet minutes after a shower are precious between me and my body, where I can trace every change, accept it, and learn to love it.

Are you a new Mama? How have you experienced your pregnancy journey? Please share your stories in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

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