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Since the Ster-Kinekor in Eikestad Mall closed down, Pulp Cinema in the Neelsie Student Centre has become the only place to watch movies on the silver screen in Stellenbosch. So, whether you’re a movie buff or just a casual cinephile, read on to find out how to join Pulp and enjoy movies there.

Why Pulp?

First of all, it’s the only cinema within a 30km radius of Stellenbosch, so it’s your only option if you don’t want to drive. Secondly, it’s cheap AF. Watching a movie at Ster Kinekor will set you back R86 per seat, or R106 for a 3D movie, and we all know how ridiculously expensive popcorn and cooldrinks can get at big cinemas. If you watch a lot of movies, (or just more than four a year) it’s definitely worth the investment to join Pulp. Every movie you watch after your fourth one will basically be free if you compare it to Ster Kinekor and Nu Metro’s pricing. Another great thing about Pulp is the snacks! They have the best popcorn around, and at only R10 a bag, it’s dirt cheap! They also offer a wide variety of spices for your popcorn, from the normal salt and vinegar to chutney and even something sweet. The sweets and other snacks are also super affordable, and sometimes even cheaper than at the sweet shop around the corner. And best of all? They have a full liquor license, so you can drink a beer or two (at rock bottom prices) while enjoying your movie!


Pulp Cinema has two theatres, each showing three movies per week, meaning they offer six different movies per week, with four screening times per day. This means that the viewing times are much more flexible than at larger cinemas, so if you can’t make the afternoon screening due to work or other commitments, you’ll be able to catch the movie at an evening screening another day! The movies they screen range from classics and lesser known independent films, to new blockbuster releases and documentaries. They even have the occasional themed week, showcasing the best films of a certain genre, actor, director or whatever tickles your fancy. They also hold big themed parties every term or so, where society members are encouraged to dress up according to a theme (my favourite was Rocky Horror, of course) where the drinks are even cheaper than usual and you can make friends with other like-minded cinephiles.

So, how do I sign up?

Pulp Cinema is affiliated with the University of Stellenbosch and operates on a membership-only basis. If you’re a student, you can sign up through the University’s student societies webpage, and the R400 membership fee gets charged to your student card, so you don’t have to worry about paying upfront! And if your student days are behind you, don’t worry — you can sign up as well! The annual membership fee for non-students is R450, so you’ll be paying a bit more for the privilege, but trust me, it’s worth it. All you need to do to sign up is to head over to the cinema and sign up at the popcorn stand.

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