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You don’t eat at La Petite Colombe. You sit back and experience all the ways food can be transformed, manipulated and celebrated.

The sister restaurant of the award-winning La Colombe in Constantia, Cape Town, opened its doors late last year and since then they’ve been doing a fine job at wooing every foodie who walks through their doors. It’s really no surprise that they were awarded the Eat Out New Restaurant of the Year in 2017.

I have been dying to visit them ever since I first saw pictures of their elegant culinary creations sweep across my social media feeds. Then I attended a media trip to the Franschhoek valley and as a surprise final destination we were treated to a full sample menu.

La Petite Colombe Franschhoek 9Lives

I have had a handful of dining experiences that completely blew me away. Test Kitchen comes to mind, and now La Petite Colombe has joined that list. The dining room is chic and simplistic, like a quality linen shirt, so that you feel perfectly at ease throughout.

The dishes go far beyond a simple meal. They are sensory artworks, both visually intricate and striking, and overflowing with complex flavour combinations. Every single element from the sweet pea puree to the single sliver of celery adds to the overall melody. Combine this with perfectly matched wines and you know you’re in for something special.

La Petite Colombe Franschhoek

La Petite Colombe Franschhoek 9Lives

There are a few menu options to choose from, catering to both vegetarians and non. You can also opt for either the full dining experience or a reduced version. I thought the flow and composition of the tasting menu was beautifully done, giving you a perfect evolution of flavours, and a combination of dishes that didn’t leave us overly stuffed. That being said, go hungry.

If their prices seem steep (and let’s be honest, they are), you should definitely keep an eye out for their Specials, which offer an equally tempting experience at a fraction of the cost. Their Spring Lunch Special kicks off on 1 September, serving four courses for only R425 pp. Trust me, it is worth every cent.

I would definitely say that La Petite Colombe should go on your culinary bucket list

For more information on La Petite Colombe, including all their current menus and offerings, head over here.


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