I quit my first job – There is a lesson in it for you!

A mere five months ago, I told my bosses at my first job, “I quit.”

Neither one of them was expecting it at all. They thought I’d stick around a few years more. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work in a big corporate company and get to drive to Malelane for a meeting?

Well, unfortunately for them, I didn’t really care about big fancy corporate companies and driving all the way to Malelane just to get bitten by a spider (This is no joke, son!)

What happened on that sunny Thursday morning was that after 10 months, I got what I wanted. A change.

I liked where I worked and I had learned a lot from my boss, but at 23 years old I knew I could change my mind and so I did.

I sent him an email with my resignation, because he was in Brits that day (as if I didn’t plan that he will be away at all), and as I pressed that button, I felt the relief wash over me. But the universe never disappoints, and BAM, there he walked through the door. Heading straight for me, he asked for coffee and then went for a smoke. While I was busy making his cup of two teaspoons coffee and one sweetener, I realised that this was most probably going to be the last time that I would make coffee for this big influencer in my life.

But this wasn’t the time to be all emotional. So I adjusted my big-girl-pants and walked outside. Those were the most horrific 15 minutes of my life, starting with me spilling the last cup of coffee as I walked up to him, followed by his counter-offer for me to stay at the company.

I declined his counter-offer, worked my last month and said a bittersweet goodbye to the people that saw potential in a girl straight out of university. I packed my bags, and the change that I wanted in life happened.

So why quit your job?

“I want to spend more time doing something I love, and less time doing stuff I dislike.”

If that sentence pops into your mind, then quitting your job is the next big step.

In my case, I don’t mind working in marketing. I still work in marketing, but my previous job didn’t wake me up in the morning.

Quitting is associated with the following:

  •     You hate what you are doing.
  •     You hate the people you work with.
  •     You are tired of all the company bullshit.
  •     You need change.
  •     You need to be challenged.

Quitting your first job is one of the hardest things to do.

I felt so bad about quitting my first job ever that I drank way too much wine in that period of time. Yes, you’ve become comfortable, you know where the kitchen is and you can joke with your colleagues, but don’t let that comfort get in the way of the change you want in life.  

The process of quitting your first job looks like this:

  1.     Realizing that you are comfortable in the office and bored with the stuff you do constantly.
  2.     Slapping yourself through the face a few times and saying, “Wake Up!”
  3.     Complaining to everyone you know that you want to quit, but can’t seem to find the guts to go ahead with it.
  4.     Other people starting to slap you while saying, “Just do it already!”
  5.     Facing your fears and feeling as if the world is about to end.
  6.     Writing and rewriting your resignation letter.
  7.     Trying to figure out if you did the right thing.
  8.     Feeling like it wasn’t the right thing to do, and freaking out about it.
  9.     Getting to the point of “Fuck that” and opening another bottle of wine.

Quitting your job is hard until it’s not.

Fear and emotion crippled me in the weeks leading up to the big day and almost didn’t go through with it. 

The process of quitting your job is hard until you come to terms with the idea that there is no right decision, only the right decision for yourself.

The decision to quit my first job and move all the way to Stellenbosch pushed me to stand tall on my own. Quitting your first job is tough, but so is regret.

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