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I remember seeing the Raised by Wolves trailer sometime last year thinking that nothing could be better at getting us through these confusing times than a full-on complicated sci-fi world to get immersed in. In that sense, you will not be disappointed by this super sleek sci-fi world produced by sci-fi big wig, Ridley Scott.


If you do not enjoy sci-fi, turn around now. Raised by Wolves is modern sci-fi at its best. The production value is very high and the scenes are beautifully shot and executed. The actors they have chosen have extremely interesting features that kind of picks up on the modernity of the entire series.

Despite being quite modern in both look and feel, it is definitely reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s earlier interests (like the first Bladerunner or Alien) which actually gives it a very retro-modern feel. We had a sneak-peek of the first two episodes, and the use of the barren landscapes and hostile environments are contrasted against the technological advances that Scott, who produced the first two episodes, fully leans into.

Another fun fact just to note is that Raised by Wolves was filmed at the Film Afrika studios in Cape Town, as well as locations in the Western Cape area which surrounds the city itself. The studios played host to many of the indoor locations while the mountainous region of the Western Cape provided the backdrop to many of the outdoor scenes.


So, here is why I like this series thus far. While watching the first two episodes, you get these, the best way to describe them would be ‘flashes’, of familiarity. A man and woman are sent to a new planet to start afresh and populate it. They are programmed to reproduce and populate the earth. Stricken by illness, only one child survives who interacts with strangers on an ark who are the only surviving members from their planet. See what I mean?

The religious undertones are quite apparent. So, then I went where any person of sound mind would go to find out more about these theories. I’m talking about Redditt, of course, and although I couldn’t do too much digging for fear of spoilers (the series has already released in its entirety in the US), I could gather that some theories suggest Raised by Wolves is based on The Book Of Enoch. While others point out its very apparent similarities to the Garden of Eden narrative.

To refrain from giving too much away, I’ll stop here and suggest that the sci-fi fans amongst you head to Showmax immediately to give this series a go.


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