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Heritage day is around the corner and if you are not planning to make a braaibroodjie, are you even going to have a braai?

Every year (around this time) the lyrics of that old famous song by Die Heuwels Fantasties (DHF) gets stuck in my head:

“The Spring has arrived in Southern Africa
Not a cloud in the sky
Only flames in our eyes
As if everybody seems to know what time it is
Time for a braai
It’s time to have some fun”

Let’s get crackin’ …

You will need:

– Ciabatta Bread
– Pesto
– Red onion (finely sliced)
– Baby tomatoes (thinly sliced)
– Mozzarella Cheese
– Salt
– Pepper
– Olive Oil (to baste the bread on the outsides with)

What to do?

– Cut the bread in two halves
– Add a decent amount of pesto onto each halve
– Add the thinly sliced red onion
– Add the sliced tomato
– Top Tip: spice the insides with salt and pepper (on top of the ingredients already on the bread)
– Add a good amount of cheese and close the bread
– Baste with olive oil

Braaibroodjie sizzling the Grid

And then?

– After you’ve braai-ed the meat on the coals (read: husband/boyfriend/better half braai-ed)…
– Put the bread on a braai grid, making sure the coals are not too hot.
– Use two bricks to balance the braai grid on the coals (approximately 20cm above the coals))
– Turn the braai grid over until you can see the cheese melt and the bread becoming a little darker in colour.



“Cause it’s so *Mzansi
Happy times are so naturalle in our country
**Re rata sunshine
Pull out your smiles come on let’s have a fun time”

*South Africa
** We Love

A braai (for the non-South Africans – a barbeque) is simply not a braai without the famous (traditional or not)  braaibroodije!

If you have any tips and ticks or a lovely recipe to share – please do so!


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