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What better way to wind down on a Friday afternoon after a hectic week at work than with a glass of delicious local wine?

We recently popped in to the newest wine bar in Stellies, the Beyerskloof Wine Bar on Ryneveld street. In a great twist of fate, this lovely new spot is located an easy walk from our offices, so of course we had to try it out! They boast a wide array of snacks and nibbles, as well as a drinks menu that’s big enough to offer something for everyone, but not so big that you’re overwhelmed by too many choices.

On the wine side, we tried out their Chenin Blanc/ Pinotage blend, as well as the Pinotage Dry Rosé. The wine is super affordable both by the glass and by the bottle, and you can get a nice full glass for R35 — so say goodbye to those taster-size potions you sometimes get in Stellies for the same price! I’m a big fan of white wine, especially Chenin Blanc, so of course I had to try out the interesting Chenin blend. Even though it’s a Chenin/ Pinotage blend, the wine is colloquially known as “the white pinotage”. Flavour wise, it’s as refreshing as a white wine, but has definite earthy tasting notes, reminiscent of a traditional Pinotage.

The Pinotage Dry Rosé is quite well known and loved in Stellenbosch. This is an easy drinking dry rosé, with summery notes of sweet red berries and spookasem. Unlike sweet rosé, this wine leaves you with a crisp and refreshing finish and it’s easy to drink a glass or two (without the horrible rosé-headache we all know and loathe).

Another instant hit was their Pinotale — an ale made with grapes from Beyerskloof’s pinotage harvest, and brewed specially for them by Stellenbrau. It’s a deep, dark red and is the perfect drink to cool you down after a long day in the office. And don’t worry if you aren’t a big lover of beer, it tastes more like a cider with fruity notes from the wine coming through.

If you’re feeling peckish, you can build your own meze platter with different kinds of cheeses, meats, olives and preserves, or opt for sliders or some meaty mains if you’re really hungry. I’ll definitely be back to try out some of the food and enjoy another glass (or two) of their Chenin Blanc/ Pinotage blend!


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