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Chidera Eggerue is the amazing woman behind the #saggyboobsmatter movement, aimed at breaking the stigma surrounding ‘imperfect boobs’. At the age of 18, Chidera had an epiphany. She realised that being made to feel insecure about her boobs, which did not fit the mainstream image of perky and perfectly shaped breasts, at such a young age needed challenging. She decided to make a statement by leaving her boobs au naturel and braless.

Chidera started a fashion blog, the Slumflower, which grew rapidly, and with it the concept: Saggy Boobs Matter. The hashtag, #saggyboobsmatter grew as women of all ages, sizes, shapes and races from around the world joined in to post their braless pictures. This movement resonated with women who felt excluded by society’s ideal image of the light-nippled, scar-free, symmetical and perky breasts.

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What I love about this movement is the fact that its goal is not only to highlight self-acceptance surrounding one’s breasts, but also to encourage self-love and acceptance for those who still feel marginalised by the body positive movement and those spearheading the movement.

The #saggyboobsmatter movement’s aim is not to put focus on the sagginess of one’s breasts but to put a spotlight on the fact that real women might not meet the ideals that society has created for us. And that’s okay.

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Chidera, who considered having breast surgery before this revelation, is changing the minds of many women who have considered going under the knife to change their bodies. And in true open-minded spirit, Chidera believes that women deserve complete autonomy over their bodies and have the right to choose whether they would like to augment their breasts or not. But she encourages women to not do it as a shortcut to accepting themselves.

It is truly inspiring to have women like Chidera on social media, especially platforms like Instagram that are filled with flawless creatures who do not reflect real women. We should start accepting and embracing our bodies and stop hiding what we believe are our flaws. Start embracing it on social media, and who knows, maybe you’ll inspire others to do the same.

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