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As we enter a new year, we’re all thinking of change. How can we change our lives and make it better? How can we change life around us? How would you change the world to make it better for women? What is your #Shetopia?

2018 started with a bang when Oprah Winfrey delivered her phenomenal Golden Globes Speech (if you haven’t seen it, go do that NOW, I’ll wait for you). She tied together so many conversations around the realities women face today, and this tipping point where so many are simply refusing to back down or stay silent anymore. We are on the brink.

The dream is that we will soon reach a point where no woman (or man) has to say Me Too ever again; That we’ll be able to walk down a street without being catcalled; That we can go dancing with friends without being groped at the bar; That we won’t feel afraid to leave a drink unattended or to walk home at night. That’s one of the dreams for my #Shetopia.

What is a #Shetopia?

Sally Hansen is driving this phrase, referring to an ideal world you would like to see for women. You could want something as simple as no more bathroom queues, to being able to breastfeed in public without getting awkward glances. And if we start to express these desires, these goals, I believe we’ll see society change to turn a dream into a reality.

So how does my #Shetopia look

In my #Shetopia women’s bodies would not be considered shameful.


Why should we feel the need to hide when we breastfeed? Why are periods still such a hushed-up topic? Boys touch a tampon like it’s a live grenade! Periods aren’t dirty! Why do so many women refuse to leave the house without makeup? Or a bra? Are boobs only pretty when they’re squished into cups and strapped to your body?

We need to take pride in ourselves as women and fight for a society where no woman ever feels ashamed about something her body was made to do.

In my #Shetopia, no would mean no.


When I was at university, I overheard a guy saying that any girl who is in a club after 2am is there to get some. Or, Mr. Overly-Ambitious Student, she is there to have fun and it has nothing to do with you in any way.

While we have come a long way in terms of equality, we’re by no means at a point where respect and consent are the order of the day. Just watch Thirteen Reasons Why to pick up that conversation. Last year the internet was flooded by women admitting to sexual abuse in some way – be it something as everyday as catcalling, to much worse – simply adding their voice with two words: Me Too. It was so shockingly commonplace. We have to do more to create a world where no means no.

In my #Shetopia, women would support women.


One of my favourite moments in Oprah’s speech was when the women in the audience jumped to their feet to cheer her words, tears in their eyes. When women support women, something magical happens. I think as women we’re too hard on each other, and we just add to the problem. Women are called stuck-up and bitchy if they are too ambitious, we slut-shame when a dress is too short or demean someone as a bimbo if they wear too much makeup. As women we should learn to build together, support each other, and find ways to grow a new society.

Let’s all dream up a perfect Shetopia. And let’s start building that world in 2018.

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I am a lifestyle blogger from Cape Town trying to find the best ways to spend my time, take care of my body and express myself. I am slightly obsessed with fragrances, sneakers, Jamie Oliver and Masterchef Australia. Oh, and I probably drink way too much wine.


  1. Beryl Booi Reply

    “In my #Shetopia women will be nicer with each other.”
    If women start being nice (less harsh and critical) to themselves. It will be a good starting point.

  2. Jeanette Ras Reply

    My #Shetopia is that all women who still shy away from speaking out about abuse, speak up! So many women suffer in silence, at the hands of an abuser. Abuse comes in many forms and is not only physical, but also psychological, emotional, or sexual abuse. Women must learn that they are not to blame for being abused. Stand up and Speak up – take a firm stand against abusers.

  3. Candice Vincent Reply

    My #Shetopia is that women would learn to love themselves and not compare themselves to otger women ?

  4. Carolyn Augustus Reply

    In my #Shetopia women empower each other and have equal rights.

  5. Women should be allowed to wear what they want when they want
    Clothing should not be characterised as “for the curvy figure “or labelled more “slender body ”
    Clothing is fun and exciting and we wear it to express how we feel and what we like
    Nobody should say, why is she wearing that short skirt with those fat legs
    We should wear what we want when we want without feeling stared down or judged

  6. Besides your excellent points, in my #Shetopia we wouldn’t have to worry about ‘slight’ weight issues, and being compared & ridiculed about it by the men in our lives.

  7. kamilah francis Reply

    #SHETOPIA Women should be judged on their qualifications,not their race or religion

  8. I would like to see gender equality in the workplace. Women should earn as much as men, should get the same opportunities, recognition and should be equally represented in leadership positions. #Shetopia

  9. #Shetopia #9Lives It’s for woman to be treated equally and not the weaker sex
    .To be heard,to voice our opinions and be considered.Being a woman we go through so much stuggles,also have babies and given some appreciation would be awesome.

  10. Betina Fleming Reply

    In my Shetopia women would be able to have it all – succes, happiness, respect – without apology! No more having to apologize for being ambitious or strong or different. No more having to ask – we would get what we should because we are equal! @lucymylchreest

  11. Thubelihle Shabalala Reply

    In My #Shetopia Women are treated with respect. Given equal rights as men, and also treated the same way as other gender. Given positions regarded as “not for women”. Women are powerful, caressed, are conqueror’s. Independent, & powerful

  12. #Shetophia is to stand up for who we are and be what we Can do no mattrr where we from with confidence and our pride.

  13. Dawn Wallenkamp Reply

    My #Shetopia is free mammograms and Pap smears for ALL women

  14. Gloria Strydom Reply

    #Shetopia #9livesbirthdaygiveaways Mobile Mammogram and pap smears for all areas in South Africa – this is vitally important for women and there are so many who cannot afford these tests

  15. Carla M VD Westhuizen Reply

    In my #Shetopia “female products” like pads and tampons would not be so damn expensive. It is not realistic that they would be free for everyone but they definitely should be free for the poor and the youth, and cheaper for the middle class. I found it hugely frustrating while breastfeeding to have to go sit on a toilet hidden away when my baby was hungry while we were out. I wish that boobs out to feed your baby wherever you like was the norm. In my #Shetopia having stretch marks and cellulite would not be something that society and magazines drill into us is bad and ugly. We should not be ashamed of something that is natural and that most un-photoshop-ed woman all have!

  16. lynn fester Reply

    In my #Shetopia women are more more aware of each other , the pathos, the joy, all of it and work together to combat and/or celebrate each other

  17. In my shetopia, paid maternity leave will be the law and women will be able to spend more time loving and nurturing the little ones before they have to leave them and return to work. Breastfeeding facilities will be as compulsory as a tap with clean water. and education will be free for our children.

  18. Eljoh van Rensburg Reply

    In my #shetopia there would be no more “us” and “them” – in any aspect of life. We’re all the same, we are all one.

  19. Simangele Ndwandwee Reply

    In my #Shetopia, all women would feel beautiful and unapologetically comfortable in their own skin. Not having to change themselves just to conform to society’s perception of what is beautiful and acceptable.

  20. In my SheTopia , girls would be taught self love and confidence from a young age so they know not to let society and it’s perceptions of what is beautiful/right/respectful is. In this way they would have self awareness and realize the power they have when they believe in themselves. In my SheTopia every woman would understand the grace, beauty, warmth,strength and instinct of a woman is our greatest superpower and that in standing together, we’re unstoppable!

  21. Beverley Ann Swanepoel Reply

    My #Shetopia would be for all women to believe in themselves and to love their bodies, no matter whether they’re thin or fat! Just embrace yourself and love you for who you are ?

  22. Bhavana Singh Reply

    My #Shetopia is that women should be treated as equal to men in all aspects especially in the corporate world. Women should be able to breast feed in public without being stared at or lrft feeling arkward. Wonen should speak up about abuse and remove thenselves from abusive situations. Pap smears, mammograms and other health tests and checkups should be free for women and mobile clinics should go around to different areas to examine all women and also provide education on women health aswell as sanitary wear like pads for free. Many women cannot afford doctors snd find it difficult to leave home as they have kids to see to.

  23. Leigh Anne Swart Reply

    In my #Shetopia woman need to have more fun and not have to take ourselves so seriously and not have to worry so much and be more accepting of who we are!!

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